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Benny confirms ‘choir’ album out 18 September, tracklist

Kärlekens Tid

Kärlekens Tid cover. The CD will be released in September 2015.

News has surfaced today of the release date and tracklist of the choir album Kärlekens Tid, which Benny has recorded with Gustaf Sjökvist and his Choir. Some readers will know that since completing the album, Gustaf Sjökvist passed away, which makes the release of this album even more poignant.

Gustaf Sjökvist's Chamber Choir

Gustaf Sjökvist’s Chamber Choir

Benny has confirmed the 18 September release and the tracklist as below.

There will also be a release concert in Stockholm around the same time as the CD becomes available but it is not known if this will be a private or public function as yet. More details to follow.

In the meantime, this is looking like a wonderful selection of Benny’s music that will make it on to the forthcoming CD. Thanks Dmitry for the tip off.

  • 1. Kärlekens tid
  • 2. En skrift i snön
  • 3. Down To The Sacred Wave
  • 4. Lilla skara
  • 5. Var hör vi hemma
  • 6. Historien om schack
  • 7. Anthem
  • 8. Innan gryningen
  • 9. Vilar glad. I din famn
  • 10. Klinga mina klockor
  • 11. O klang och jubletid

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He’s A Man, He’s A Child/Han är en man, han är ett barn

The fantastic song Han är en man, han är ett barn, written for CHESS (på Svenska) the Swedish production of CHESS, is to be released soon in its English form He’s A Man, He’s A Child.

The song in Swedish is available on the album and DVD of CHESS (på Svenska) performed by Josefin Nilsson.

He’s A Man, He’s A Child (Andersson/Ulvaeus) is from CHESS In Concert (Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Björn Ulvaeus) and performed by Reidun Sæther with the Arctic Philharmonic, orchestrated and conducted by Anders Eljas.

The track will be available to download from places such as iTunes and Spotify soon.

Here is a preview:

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May 2015 update

Benny Andersson brings icethesite up to date with some of the plans for 2015/2016

Benny Andersson brings icethesite up to date with some of the plans for 2015/2016

In discussion with icethesite, Benny has been able to add some detail to things we already knew about and a few we didn’t, and give us more things to look forward to in the coming year.

Kristina Lugn and Björn Ulvaeus are currently working on translating Hjälp sökes from Swedish to English to see how, and if, it works and then they may seek to export it.

The Gustaf Sjökvist Kammarkör album which icethesite has reported on in the past is most likely to be released in the early autumn of this year.

The final tracklist has not been decided upon yet but we already know that it will be “a mix of stuff” from Benny’s back catalogue with new choir arrangements. In November, Benny joined the choir for a concert and performed five songs, Lilla skara, Kärlekens tid, Anthem, O klang och jubeltid and En skrift i snön.

Benny hopes that there will be TV appearances to accompany the release of the album.

BAO are hoping to release a new album in the spring of 2016, and this will be followed by a Swedish tour in the summer.

Kristina från Duvemåla concluded its very successful run in Göteborg last Saturday 16 May. Next, the musical will transfer to Cirkus in Stockholm, where it will officially open on 12 September.

Maria Ylipää and Oskar Nilsson from the Kristina cast are going to record the TV show Moraeus med Mera on 5 June and Benny is planning to join them.

Plans are afoot to release the movie Cirkeln internationally but nothing is yet confirmed. The film is due out on DVD in Sweden in June but there will be no English subtitles on the release.

A decision has not yet been taken as to whether to film the other books in the Cirkeln trilogy.


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