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Systrarna Sisters opens – includes music by Benny Andersson

Josefin Nilsson and Marie Nilsson in the production Systrarna Sisters with music by Benny

Josefin Nilsson and Marie Nilsson in the production Systrarna Sisters – Foto: Stig Hammarstedt

Former Ainbusk Singers members Josefin Nilsson and Marie Nilsson premiered their new stage show, which includes music by Benny Andersson, last night at Länsteatern in Gotland.

Systrarna Sisters (The Sisters Sisters) is not a play or revue. It‘s not a lecture. Not a concert. Not a poetry evening. It is a mishmash of the all those things both in content and form.

The sisters tell us about their journey. It is their own but its themes touch all of us. The production’s notes say it covers life’s common episodes and twists and turns from amniotic fluid to embalming! And what it means…

To be born
To grow up
To stand still
To suffer growing pains
To search for love, affirmation
To look for the right man
To be let down by the right one
To be wrong
To be sick
To look for happiness
To suffer at the hands of an accident

The production runs until Sunday 26 April and will be performed 42 times.


Benny was happy to be asked to provide music for Systrarna Sisters which runs until 26 April

The music is credited to the sisters themselves, Jacques Brel, Bob Dylan, Thomas Sundström and Benny. Not much is known yet about Benny’s musical contributions, but in a recent chat with icethesite, Benny talked of how happy he was to be asked to be involved.

We’ll update this article with more information as soon as we can.

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