London’s CHESS Concerts selling extremely well

With just under three months to go and no formal advertising, both nights of CHESS in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall are now almost sold out!

If you fancy getting along to Kensington to see Josh Groban, Idina Menzel, Adam Pascal and Kerry Ellis (along with a choir of over a hundred voices and a full orchestra), then time is running out.

The arena, stalls, loggia boxes, grand tier and second tier are all now SOLD OUT on both nights, leaving just  a few seats in the circle available.

The venue is dark on the 14th May, by the way. There couldn’t be a third night, could there?

2 thoughts on “London’s CHESS Concerts selling extremely well”

  1. I am really looking forward to this concert and only hope that if there are any special appearances by the composers, that they will consider both nights – especially as 13th was made available first (and that’s when I’m going!). I agree with many who say that Chess works better as a concert and nearly 24 years after seeing the first Chess concert at The Barbican, I can’t wait to experience the magic all over again.

  2. I, too, hope that any appearance by Tim Rice (scheduled to "introduce" the performance) and/or Benny & Bjorn happens on both evenings! Being a huge Abba and Chess fan, and too young to have experienced it on stage during its original run, I eagerly bought tickets when they first went on sale – so let’s hope the additional date (ironically, the first scheduled performance) isn’t the one that features an impromptu appearance by Benny & Bjorn! I wonder also how likely it is that either Agnetha or Frida will make an appearance – now, that would be amazing!

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