Mamma Mia! movie exceeds Universal’s forecasts on opening weekend

"Mamma Mia!" debuted smartly in the U.K. with $13.2 million and 34% share in the top British launch for a musical and Universal’s fourth-best opening in that market. Australia greeted Mamma Mia! warmly with $5.2 million and a 28% share for Universal’s second-best launch.

Scandinavia, home to Abba, composers of the musical’s songs, saw stellar returns with $1.6 million in Sweden, $1.3 million in Denmark and $635,000 in Norway.

Though musicals generally have a soft track record overseas, "Mamma Mia!" looks likely to run counter to that trend thanks to the massive success of the 9-year-old stage version, the international cast and the feel-good themes. Universal Intl. prexy David Kosse said the opening came in far above internal forecasts.

In addition to its Stateside launch, "Mamma Mia!" expands next weekend into Austria, Germany and Holland.

Variety – "Mamma" is queen overseas

4 Replies to “Mamma Mia! movie exceeds Universal’s forecasts on opening weekend”

  1. Great stats – thanks Ice !

    Makes the decision not to re-release the revised ‘Gold’ and ‘More Gold’ packages in Britain seem like a missed oportunity though.

  2. Perhaps it would be even more clever to release a new compilation CD by ABBA: ‘Mamma Mia! The Original Versions of the Songs from the Smash-hit musical/movie’ … 🙂

  3. I am quite shocked that they aren’t re-releasing Gold and More Gold here in the UK! I’m quite sure that for some reason I don’t have the latest remaster of ‘I Am The City’ and I love that song!

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