2008 re-issue of More ABBA Gold for UK release

Play.com is quoting a release date of 25 August 2008 for the album (this release features a new back cover picture).


  1. Summer Night City
  2. Angeleyes
  3. The Day Before You Came
  4. Eagle
  5. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
  6. So Long
  7. Honey, Honey
  8. The Visitors
  9. Our Last Summer
  10. On And On And On
  11. Ring Ring
  12. I Wonder (Departure)
  13. Lovelight
  14. Head Over Heels
  15. When I Kissed The Teacher
  16. Am The City
  17. Cassandra
  18. Under Attack
  19. When All Is Said And Done
  20. The Way Old Friends Do

More ABBA Gold at Play.com

4 Replies to “2008 re-issue of More ABBA Gold for UK release”

  1. The ‘new’ picture on the back is the pic of Abba in ‘evening dress’ sitting around the dining table – from the ‘Ashley’s dream’ sequence in ABBA – THE MOVIE – with the tracklisting in gold underneath. The booklet is revised somewhat, but I think the pics in the booklet are very similar to the previous 1999 release.

  2. The 1999 booklet had the same photos and layout as the original 1993 release. The new booklet is very different.

  3. Thanks Ian ! I gave my 1999 copy to the charity shop as soon as I got the 2008 version, and forgot to compare the booklets beforehand, so had to rely on my rather bad memory. D’Oh !!!!!!!!!

  4. ‘More Abba Gold’ is now available for pre-order in more on-line places, including Amazon and HMV. HMV are quoting a post-free price of £5.99 if you are in the UK.

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