Agnetha – My Very Best (Updated – with tracklist)

Agnetha - My Very Best - Tracklist

Agnetha – My Very Best – Tracklist

Agnetha Fältskog – My Very Best is released in Sweden on 08 October, 2008 and can be pre-ordered at the site for SwKr 159.00. Tracklist to follow.

Nice choice of cover, I must say – but there are presently no clues as to what period this compilation covers or on what label the release is on. Still, what with this single CD release and the 5CD Cupol compilation Original Album Classics due out September 29, Agnetha music fans/collectors certainly have two interesting products to look out for…

September 22/23, 2008 – Update: There are now, according to, no less than four versions of the My Very Best CD for pre-order purchase, see screen sample below taken from their site. Although, in reality, it looks like possibly just two double CD items will make it to sale: screenshot as at 22 September 2008 screenshot as at 22 September, 2008

The distributor is given as SME and the record label as Columbia. The only version shown with a cover picture is the original jewelcase version as linked to below.

Translated from Swedish Sony/BMG press release:

Agnetha - My Very Best

Agnetha – My Very Best

On October 8 the career-wide collection album My Very Best by Agnetha Fältskog is released. It is SONY BMG, which together with Agnetha has made a record that reflects her career as a solo artist, from the tracks from her debut 40 years ago until the last album came out in 2004.

Among the 35 songs are her English-language version of SOS, När du tar mig i din famn (When you take me in your arms), Dröm är dröm, och saga saga, Wrap Your Arms Around MeThe Heat Is OnI Won’t Let You Go, Let It Shine and also includes Agnetha’s special favorite from the ABBA period, The Winner Takes It All. The accompanying booklet contains an introduction by Agnetha, unique images and all song lyrics.

Agnetha Fältskog’s career is remarkable and she is one of Sweden’s most successful artists of all time. ABBA has made all its members world-famous, including Agnetha with her special quality.

Agnetha has had a successful solo as a singer and songwriter. She has also produced many of her own recordings. Agnetha made the hit-list entrance for the first time in January 1968 when the debut single Jag var så kär entered ‘Svensktoppen’, the Swedish Charts. This was followed by five albums and a long list of well-known hits on the Swedish ‘topplistorna’.

Her solo career continued in the 70s on the side of her involvement with ABBA. During the 80s Agnetha recorded three international solo album with the help of producer Mike Chapman, Eric Stewart and Peter Cetera. All were big sellers in Sweden and in other countries. In 2004 came the latest album My Colouring Book which went straight in at Number 1 on the Swedish music charts and acheived platinum selling status.

Agnetha - new album cover photo

Agnetha – new album cover photo 

27 Replies to “Agnetha – My Very Best (Updated – with tracklist)”

  1. Wow, what a gorgeous cover !

    I am hoping 2 things – firstly, that this is a complete retrospective covering 1967 – 2004, and secondly that it gets a UK release.

    We need a bit of extra glamour on UK record store shelves !

  2. Does ABBA have live recordings from the Australian concert tour? I saw ABBA the movie years ago and thought it would be great to have Live recordings to capture the excitement and magic from those days. There was a Live album that appeared a long time ago but it was so touched up and not a live account of a full concert at all but links together from the highlights and best segments. i was wondering why the band has not released a LIVE album as they were excellent in live showa and the album if not fiddled with would be well received by the public???
    Now that ABBA is as popular as ever it might be viable to release a single like ‘I am the city’ or Put on your white Sombrero’ or Just Like That to keep the energy going while on a roll.
    Anyone know anything about any of these points?

  3. Any ABBA live recordings released will be touched up. It happens with all artists. The problem with the "ABBA Live" release wasn’t the touching up but the terrible 80’s production. Big bass, big drums, not enough of the detail and the vocals. A new live album is one thing that Universal have not yet done and I do expect there will be one to come. The problem is perhaps getting B&B to agree. They and Michael Tretow much prefer the perfection of the studio work. It will never be a full concert. Even if it was, we would all just complain that it was the wrong one!

    As for singles releases, theres no point these days. Every track available for download is effectively a single. "Mamma Mia" did chart in the UK recently as a single track, as did a few from the score of the film. None of the rare or unreleased tracks would do the business. I can’t see what they would be seeking to promote.

  4. Thanks for the new information Ice! So, a double CD it is (let’s hope it’s entirely remastered tracks – even ‘My Colouring Book’ could do with a lift, although I doubt they’d bother as it’s so recent!).

    Wow – 40 years as a star and still grabbing headlines (as indeed is Frida, not to mention Benny and Björn) – I feel lucky to be a fan.

  5. So it’s ‘My Love My Life’ minus a few songs to add some songs from My Colouring Book. Even the same publicity spiel about being compiled "in conjunction with Agnetha", "special favourite from the ABBA period", "introduction by Agnetha", "unique images", etc etc. Still, it’s nice to commemorate this milestone anniversary.

  6. Another fan site now has a tracklisting on its news page. One CD swedish, a second one english. Nothing on it that most Agnetha fans won’t already have…

  7. Actually, it’s a pity no-one at Sony/BMG seems to think there is a market for a DVD based around this compilation. Many of the english tracks have videos or well known performances avaialble.

  8. Too true Stephen, that would have been excellent. I guess we’ll just have to see the presumably remastered tracks from ‘I Stand Alone’ as the only new content. Unless the radio remix of ‘Sometimes When I’m Dreaming’ is included. Hmmm, talking of dreaming….!

  9. Many thanks to Lars Hoglund:

    CD1 – Swedish
    01 S.O.S.
    02 Var det med dej?
    03 När du tar mig i din famn
    04 Många gånger än
    05 En sång om sorg och glädje
    06 Dröm är dröm, och saga saga
    07 Doktorn!
    08 Tack för en underbar, vanlig dag
    09 Så glad som dina ögon
    10 Vart ska min kärlek föra
    11 Tio mil kvar till Korpilombolo
    12 Så här börjar kärlek(duett med Björn Ulvaeus)
    13 Sången föder dig tillbaka
    14 Dom har glömt
    15 Om tårar vore guld
    16 Allting har förändrat sig
    17 Fram för svenska sommaren
    18 Jag var så kär

    CD2 – English
    01 Wrap Your Arms Around Me
    02 Little White Secrets
    03 Can?t Shake Loose
    04 The Heat Is On
    05 If I Thought You?d Ever Change Your Mind
    06 I Stand Alone
    07 Mr. Persuasion
    08 I Won?t Let You Go
    09 If You Need SomebodyTonight
    10 Never Again(duet with Tomas Ledin)
    11 Let It Shine
    12 Take Good Care Of Your Children
    13 Sometimes When I?m Dreaming
    14 The Way You Are(duet with Ola Håkansson)
    15 I Won?t Be Leaving You
    16 When You Walk In The Room
    17 The Winner Takes It All

  10. Going to buy it for the cover photos,shame there are no new tracks or unreleased songs though as it has been four years since anything new.
    I was surprised to see "I won’t be leaving you" on there and yet no "Maybe it was magic" or "I wasn’t the one who said goodbye".
    A dvd would be great though.

    Just a footnote but is track 5 on cd 2’s tracklist wrong? The word ‘change’ has become ‘changed’

  11. Stephen – couldn’t agree more.
    Darren – yes, re. Track 5 CD2 – it’s a Sony/BMG error which by the wonders of computer imaging I’ve now managed to correct. How fortunate that the errant letter was on the end of a line?!

  12. I’m pleased to see that it’s actually gone beyond my expectation of being My Love My Life with a few songs dropped and a few songs from My Colouring Book thrown on.

    An interesting and slightly different selection of songs.

  13. This looks quite a nice set actually – there are so many omissions in terms of rarities that could have appeared on this collection – possibly warranting a third disc but once again, I guess those wanting those tracks aren’t the target market. Damn the masses!!!!

  14. Thanks Ice,looks much better 😉

    I can never understand why the ABBA fan club don’t release a cd of rare stuff for fans even if it’s just one track.Other artists fan clubs have done similarI checked out Kicki Moberg on you tube and there are both her Agnetha written and produced tracks such as "i’m still alive" in Swedish.
    Also check out Frida’s "I dont wanna be alone".

  15. I appear to be the only one who’s disappointed.

    Sure, the cover is gorgeous but the content is nothing more than another attempt to get us to part with our money for nothing new.

    Every song on there is a gem, I’d be the first to admit that, but there’s nothing that a true Agnetha fan wouldn’t already have. (Den Forsta Aren/My Love My Life/Colouring Book).

    There must be unreleased tracks they could have given us – didn’t I read that there were several tracks recorded for Colouring Book that were never used? And I wholeheartedly agree with those people who have commented about a DVD. This set could have included one.

    I wonder if they are saving that for Agnetha’s 60th birthday collection (a la Frida) so they can get us to part with more money. I do hope so!


  16. Agnetha fans are SO hungry for another new album from her after "my colouring book". Her next single/album HAS to include "I’m Still Alive"as only she can sing it!

  17. I agree the cover is lovely but I recommend the compilation That’s me which has some gems not on this one, it’s available on Amazon.

  18. My whole family is their fan now, and I love ABBA since I was ten, now I have 39.
    The best wishes and good health , Agnetha we love you , your voice is gift from God.My litle son likes your music too.


  20. Yes great news about this record. You have given so much always remember that and be proud.x

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