Deauville film premiere pictures

Photos by Francois Durand/Getty Images Europe.

Björn and Benny

Björn and Benny at the 34th US Film Festival in Deauville

Björn and Benny were appearing to present Mamma Mia! to France

Mamma Mia! premiered in France last night and opened the film festival 

Phyllida, Benny, Judy, Björn and Catherine

Phyllida Lloyd, Benny, Judy Craymer, Björn and Catherine Johnson for more images

2 Replies to “Deauville film premiere pictures”

  1. Very nice. But I have to say to Bjorn and Benny…please, wear something new! Hire a stylist. Never wear the same outfit in public twice. You guys are too famous!

  2. Come on, Jim! Hire a stylist? That’s not what it’s all about and certainly not in the present phase of their career. They don’t need a stylist. The guys are beyond stardom and that’s good. It’s about what they do, not about their clothes.

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