Birthing Mamma Mia! DVD extra

Interviews with some of the creative team appear in this 15 minute video Birthing Mamma Mia! taken from the DVD. Many thanks to Ian Cole for the link.

Birthing Mamma Mia! (Video follows a short commercial)

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  1. Just an update on Mamma Mia`s U.K. success…..Its Offical its now the SECOND MOST SUCCESSFUL FILM OF ALL TIME taking over from Harry Potter Part 1……as of 27.10.08 figures are £66.2 Millon and STILL rising….incrediable when you think the DVD is released in one month!!!….will they delay the DVD as its still in the U.K. Box Office Top Ten???

  2. Many thanks to both Ice and Ian for this. Sure it’s spoil my "virgin" playing of the segment on the DVD/Blu-Ray but I’ve enjoyed every bit of spoiling on Mamma Mia! The Movie there could be since I saw the first preview of the film in San Diego in March. Since the US DVD isn’t coming out until Mid December, it was nice to see this early. A fun featurette. Anyone else notice that it said the studio footage was provided by Mona!! Does that woman ever put the camera down? 😉

  3. I can’t wait for the dvd.It appears that the USA version will have some different extras compared to the dvd’s released in the rest of the world.
    Am I the only one who thinks it’s odd that Dominic Cooper isn’t shown on the cover? unless he is on the rear of the sleeve with ‘Sophies friends’.

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