Mamma Mia! on Blu-ray/Amazon exclusive disc extras trailers

Universal Studios Home Entertainment will release the $140 million box office hit Mamma Mia! The Movie on December 16 in the United States (November 24 in the UK) on Blu-ray disc and DVD. The Blu-ray version has a copious list of bonus features and there’s more still to be announced. See also Amazon’s world exclusive extras trailers below.

Mamma Mia! will be presented in widescreen 1080p video and 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio.

A new twist is being put on commentaries with a Blu-ray exclusive sure to turn heads. With Mamma Mia!, it will be possible to record a video commentary while watching the film and then share that commentary with friends.

In addition to BD-Live access and U-Control (what are these?! See definitions below), other confirmed features are as follows with more to be announced. 

  • My Mamma Mia! Commentary – Record your own video commentary while watching the movie and share it with friends (Blu-ray exclusive)
  • BD-Live (Blu-ray exclusive) – BD-Live allows your Blu-ray player (if compatible) to access additional content via an Internet connection. Some already revealed BD-Live features include downloading related movie trailers, sending a ringtone to your cellphone, and playing interactive online games.
  • On-screen lyrics for 22 songs
  • Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Music Video
  • The Making of Mamma Mia!
  • Becoming a Singer
  • On-Location
  • U-ControlU-Control allows for a variety of pre-encoded materials (video, audio, text overlays, etc.) to be stored on disc, and then accessed on-the-fly by users during playback. Multiple audio streams can be encoded on a disc and "mixed live" by the player for integrated supplemental audio content, picture-in-picture video streams can be displayed simultaneously, and even graphic overlays can be "mapped" to specific objects on the screen.
  • And more to come…

Amazon world exclusive extras trailers

World Exclusive: Mamma Mia! Behind the Songs

World Exclusive: Mamma Mia! On the Set



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