Mamma Mia! DVD fastest ever UK seller

BBC: Mamma Mia! ‘fastest-selling DVD’:

Musical film Mamma Mia! has become the fastest-selling DVD of all time in the UK, according to Official UK Charts Company figures.

It sold 1,669,084 copies on Monday’s release date, breaking the previous record held by Titanic – based on DVD and video sales – by 560,000 copies.

Mamma Mia!, which was released in cinemas in July, has taken more than £66m at the UK box office.

Universal’s managing director, Ian Foster, said the success of Mamma Mia! was a "testament to the fun-loving spirit of the British public and the universal appeal of this wonderful film".

A spokesman for supermarket Asda said 300,000 copies had been sold in its stores with, 15% of shoppers buying a copy on Monday.

Last month, Mamma Mia! became the highest-grossing British film at the UK box office, beating the previous holder of the record, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. 

Hollywood Reporter:

Phyllida Lloyd’s "Mamma Mia! — The Movie" has danced its way into the record books in the U.K. becoming the fastest selling DVD of all time after a day’s trading. 

Universal Pictures International Entertainment said the title posted unit sales of just short of 1.7 million, sinking its nearest rival "Titanic" which sold 1.1 million units on its first day on sale back in 1998 here.
The DVD success follows hot on the heels of what has become a boxoffice sensation for the musical movie, which features the hits of Swedish powerpop quartet Abba.
The title sung its way to just shy of 67 million pounds ($103 million) at the U.K. boxoffice, making it the highest grossing British movie of all time on these shores. It qualifies as British under the U.K. government’s cultural test.
UPIE president Eddie Cunningham said the movie’s DVD success here is being mirrored around the world. "Already launched in Australia, "Mamma Mia! — The Movie" is set to enter the top five DVDs of all time ‘down under,’ and the Nordics are shipping an industry record number of units. Following the U.K. success, we are very excited about our forthcoming DVD launches around the world." 

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  • Way to go, Mamma Mia! people have had another chance to watch it, what do people think? For me, I was really taken aback with the arrangement at the opening of the deleted song "Name of the Game". I understand that the song is wrong there and changes the pace, but I think that arrangement is so beautiful, so haunting – another moment of Benny magic.

  • I think real ABBA fans knew all along it would be a huge hit.
    I like the instrumental music as much as the vocal stuff.’Under Attack’ and ‘Knowing me,Knowing you’ and the Greek style arrangement of ‘Does your mother know’at the end.
    Also I’m glad the movie has the orginal lyric version of ‘When all is said and done’.I’m really not keen on the ammended lyric version on the cd.

  • I agree with everything Darren said!

  • ‘Mamma Mia!’ (DVD) sold 3,124,459 copies in
    the UK last Week. It is a bigger 1st Week Sale
    than any Single, Album, DVD, or Video has ever
    had here.
    If they had been Album Sales, it would be the
    13th or 14th Best Selling UK Album ever – after
    just a Week’s Sales.
    The 2nd ‘Big’ New DVD release last Week was
    ‘WALL-E’. That sold 340,000 copies. However,
    of their DVD Sales, ‘WALL-E’ outsold ‘Mamma Mia!’
    on Blu-Ray – with 33,500 Sales in that format.
    ‘Mamma Mia!’ sold 28,000 on Blu-Ray.

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