icethesite nominated for “ABBA site of the Year 2008”

Vote icethesite!

icethesite is a nominated site

Even better is that, without me mentioning the competition on here yet, enough votes have already been received to push icethesite into the Top 10 and therefore on to the next round of voting.

If you’d like to cast your vote, then the process is very simple:

  • – Navigate to ABBA Plaza’s voting page
  • – Cast votes for your Top 3 sites
  • – Enter your email address.
  • – You will then receive an email containing a link that you’re requested to click on to confirm your vote. Easy!

If you’ve appreciated icethesite this year, I’d appreciate and be very grateful for your vote.

The winner of the "ABBA site of 2008" award will be announced on 1 January 2009.

Vote here!

14 Replies to “icethesite nominated for “ABBA site of the Year 2008””

  1. This IS the best ABBA site – I rely on your accuracy and up-to-date information. You are the best – as a devoted ABBA fan, I appreciate your hard work. Keep up the good work!!!!
    Jim from San Francisco. Good luck – I voted for you!!!!

  2. Ice – regardless of the official result (which I hope you win anyway), your site is head and shoulders above the rest for NEWS! That’s what I’m mostly interested in and your site is one I can rely on. Plus it’s so damned attractive 😉

    P.S. The RSS feed subscription you offer is a must-have!

    Happy Christmas.

  3. Voted too. The dedication you show is obvious to all. You provide a great service and I feel privileged to know about your site. You’re a star!

  4. Worth my vote…its a pleasure to visit a site that has no other agenda and just reports the news and nothing else.
    Keep up the good work me dear.

  5. Hi Mr Dominic (Ice)Wallis

    Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas and All The Best of Happiness in 2009.

    Your website has been Supremely Spectacular for so many years now!

    I am a huge fan of all the great work you have achieved through icethesite.

    I am sending you many Congratulations for all your Marvellous Work and Amazing Dedication!

    Kind Regards
    Samuel Inglles

  6. Ice – I cannot thank you enough for the news you have brought me all through these years and free from negativity or anger. I like that very much and you have my vote too.

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