Listen out for new B&B interview…

The singer said on a recent broadcast that she would have a new interview with Benny and Björn in the current run of her radio shows, which would feature "exclusive tracks". Thanks to Damien for the news.

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  1. Hello Ice and everyone.I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere but in the Sunday Express magazine dated 18 Jan’09 there is a page called ‘my favourite photograph’which is a different celebrity showing their fave pic with background story.On the above date it was Barbara Dickson with a pic of her and Benny at a CBS/Epic convention in 1980 in Bournemouth.She said that while she likes ABBA she can’t stand nostalgia(ironic given she sings her old hits on tour lol)but that she is a fan of Bennys music as her background is folk music and his film and musical work is "epic and also sad" and that on her forthcoming tour she is singing a new Benny song he has written called ‘The silence of the dawn’.
    It doesn’t say anymore about it but is this a version of the song Benny did with ‘Triakel’called Innan Gryningen?
    Maybe Elaine will play ‘Home’ the english version of ‘Hemma’.

  2. I really hope that ‘When the Waves Roll out to sea’ will be played again and one day this will be re-recorded as it is a great lost song.

  3. When The Waves Roll Out To See *has* been re-recored. It’s Glöm mig om du kan in the Swedish version of Chess.

  4. I’ve just had an email from the Executive Producer BBC Radio 2. B & B will be guests on Elaine Paige show on 29th March

  5. Thanks for sharing that Warren. That date would tie in nicely with B&B (hopefully) being in London for the 10th Anniversary of the Mamma Mia! stage show.

  6. Darren – thanks for the info about Silence Of The Dawn. It is indeed an English version of Innan Grynnigen, released as a single in Sweden by Emma Härdelin and written by Benny with Ylva Eggehorn.

    Benny’s son Ludwig performed the song in English (really well – despite being very nervous) at the BAO concert at Glasgow’s Fruitmarket venue in 2001. I think it’s fantastic that the song is getting another airing on Barbara’s tour as it’s one of my favourites!

  7. Thanks Ice…I wasn’t sure over the song.Barbara has two new albums due for release very soon so maybe it will appear on one of them.

  8. UK itunes has a version of Innan Gryningen by Karl Magnus Fredriksson which is beautiful.


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