Listen out for new B&B interview…

The singer said on a recent broadcast that she would have a new interview with Benny and Björn in the current run of her radio shows, which would feature "exclusive tracks". Thanks to Damien for the news.

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  • Hello Ice and everyone.I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere but in the Sunday Express magazine dated 18 Jan’09 there is a page called ‘my favourite photograph’which is a different celebrity showing their fave pic with background story.On the above date it was Barbara Dickson with a pic of her and Benny at a CBS/Epic convention in 1980 in Bournemouth.She said that while she likes ABBA she can’t stand nostalgia(ironic given she sings her old hits on tour lol)but that she is a fan of Bennys music as her background is folk music and his film and musical work is "epic and also sad" and that on her forthcoming tour she is singing a new Benny song he has written called ‘The silence of the dawn’.
    It doesn’t say anymore about it but is this a version of the song Benny did with ‘Triakel’called Innan Gryningen?
    Maybe Elaine will play ‘Home’ the english version of ‘Hemma’.

  • I really hope that ‘When the Waves Roll out to sea’ will be played again and one day this will be re-recorded as it is a great lost song.

  • When The Waves Roll Out To See *has* been re-recored. It’s Glöm mig om du kan in the Swedish version of Chess.

  • I’ve just had an email from the Executive Producer BBC Radio 2. B & B will be guests on Elaine Paige show on 29th March

  • Thanks for sharing that Warren. That date would tie in nicely with B&B (hopefully) being in London for the 10th Anniversary of the Mamma Mia! stage show.

  • Darren – thanks for the info about Silence Of The Dawn. It is indeed an English version of Innan Grynnigen, released as a single in Sweden by Emma Härdelin and written by Benny with Ylva Eggehorn.

    Benny’s son Ludwig performed the song in English (really well – despite being very nervous) at the BAO concert at Glasgow’s Fruitmarket venue in 2001. I think it’s fantastic that the song is getting another airing on Barbara’s tour as it’s one of my favourites!

  • Thanks Ice…I wasn’t sure over the song.Barbara has two new albums due for release very soon so maybe it will appear on one of them.

  • …let’s just hope ‘The Day The Wall Came Tumbling Down’ will resurface on either one of these releases too…

    Watch & listen here:

  • UK itunes has a version of Innan Gryningen by Karl Magnus Fredriksson which is beautiful.


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