4 Comments on "Mamma Mia! featured in Oscars ceremony"

  • Just saw it on TV. It was good to see a salute to ‘Mamma Mia’, in the recognition that it has been such a major force to help bring The Musical back to such prominence, and that it is recognised amongst other musical gems from the past through to more recent years. I enjoyed the production, and no doubt A,B,B and A would have been amazed.

  • Thank you for that – good to see that Mamma Mia! was given some kind of recognition at this year’s Academy Awards – doesn’t quite make up for the lack of any nomination – but a step in the right direction at least! B&B and everyone else involved should be proud!

  • It was great – I’m happy that "Mamma Mia!" was highighted. How great did Amanda and Dominic look and how cool was it to hear Beyonce singing ABBA! Meryl looked great too – sorry she didn’t win for Doubt. Congrats ABBA.

  • That was the best part of the oscars!

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