Mamma Mia! wins Jameson Empire award for Best Soundtrack

Benny and Björn: "We’re very honoured to have won this award. It’s special because it’s the readers of Empire magazine that have voted, and we’re delighted that the British audience loved this movie so much, and very happy that our music still lives on. Thank you very much." See the video…

2 thoughts on “Mamma Mia! wins Jameson Empire award for Best Soundtrack”

  1. It is awful! Come round!!! What best??? It is impossible to listen to it.
    YES, YES!!! It I about songs in a film "Mamma Mia!". Let I will be forgiven by those who very much has grown fond of this film. Excuse.

    I fan ABBA from the beginning of 80 years. The musical and a film is made for those who ABBA does not know.
    Has very much grown fond of Russian performance Mamma Mia! Here it is VOICES!!!!!!!!!!
    Here it is the MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Russian version of performance is very a pity that and did not leave on CD.
    It is very a pity………

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