Story Of A Heart – the album version refrain

Coming just after:

Did he see me
Or did I just imagine it all
Putting a face on a stranger
A face I find more and more hard to recall

is a stripped-back chorus that is as follows…

Never giving up
I look for you everywhere
Time went by and sadness took the place of despair
In a way you’ll stay with me ’til death do us part
Like a shadow deep in my heart forever

and then straight back into the full power chorus…

Story of a heart… (you can probably sing the rest by now!!)

Another icethesite exclusive for you. Lyrics taken from Story Of A Heart (Benny Andersson/Björn Ulvaeus) as performed by The Benny Andersson Band. The Story Of  A Heart album is released on 6 July.

8 Replies to “Story Of A Heart – the album version refrain”

  1. Thanks Ice…looking forward to hearing it.
    HMV are showing the album as released 29th June at present.
    I’m also starting to realise why they maybe aren’t called BAO internationally after typing BAO into a well known auction site…………

  2. Thanks v. much Ice – I like it that there really is a longer version of the track (I had started to doubt it) than the one we heard yesterday.

  3. many thanks for this. this is without doubt…going to be an absolute classic song and im just certain a massive worldwide hit.

  4. … a very dramatic and poignant bridge which I’m sure will lift the ‘Story Of A Heart’ to an even higher level…

  5. Which programme was it on, please? Would love to catch it on the BBC iplayer.


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