Benny – more UK TV appearances (Updated)

Benny will be appearing on BBC Breakfast News on Monday 6 July Tuesday 7 July, currently scheduled to be at around 09.00.

And for those people that weren’t able to attend the Hampstead Heath concert, but do live in London, you may have caught Benny on London Tonight yesterday speaking from the Sweden on Stage festival.

Oh – and don’t forget that the BBC Radio 2 Ken Bruce interview is still to air. Also thanks to people pointing out the Steve Wright interview also (see comments below)

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  1. Benny wasn’t on today, but it was announced at the end of the show that he will be on tomorrow (Tues 7th).


  2. Just announced on BBC breakfast that "Abba legend" Benny will be on tomorrow (Tuesday 7th).

  3. Benny also on Steve Wright in the Afternoon, Radio2 (2-5pm)this Thursday (9th)-just heard. May be a pre-recorded one, don’t know. I put this on the ‘look and listen’ thread too!

  4. Yes it will be pre-recorded as Benny will be about to put on the next BAO concert in his tour across Sweden, on thursday it is Borgholm’s turn!


  5. Did anyone see that BBC1 interview this morning. Benny seemed quite annoyed that the ‘reporter’ kept mentioning ABBA.Nice to see Helen singing ‘Story of a heart’ but the reporter said we wouldn’t know the singer or the musicians. Typical no clue reporting and then to show ‘Mamma Mia’really showed the depth of the clip.

  6. Yes I saw the BBC interview-what a disappointment,they hardly gave him 5 minutes! Benny made the point that it’s not ‘ABBA’ without Agnetha and Frida (we fans know that). And I didn’t tune in to see people off the street singing Abba or giving their opinion.

  7. Yes Darren, I quite agree with everything you’ve said. I’d even go so far as to say I thought the so called interview was downright insulting to Benny.

    Typical of the BBC really, they were just as dismissive about ABBA themselves in the 70’s.

    And as for saying "you won’t know the singer" and then not even saying who she was – how ignorant can you get!!!


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