Kristina medley appears on Kristina site

The medley features Helen Sjöholm’s You Have To Be There and also a version of Gold Can Turn To Sand sung by Peter Jöback. These two tracks with English vocals follow the instrumental Prolog.

Unless I’m mistaken, whilst I’d never heard Peter J’s version of Gold Can Turn To Sand before, it appears to use the same lyrics as Tommy Körberg sang in the Benny & Björn tribute shows in Shanghai, Cape Town and Johannesburg in March 1999.

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6 Replies to “Kristina medley appears on Kristina site”

  1. Hi Ice, I can`t find that medley with Prolog, You have to be there and Gold can turn to sand on Kristina web site, can you tell me exactly where to look for . Thanks

  2. thanks Kenneth, you made my day. Awesome feeling hearing Peter Joback singing GOLD CAN TURN TO SAND.
    I was told there was 6 demo recordings done in English for Kristina fran Duvemala. Wish we could hear them all. let`s hope someday we will.

  3. Great demo. Thanks for that. Really, really wish I could get to the concert, but no way it’ll happen. Can only hope the recording is out quicker than the Chess one in UK!!

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