6 Comments on "Missed the Benny feature on BBC Breakfast this morning?"

  • Wow, how sweet: "Yeah, what type of music is it?" "It’s ABBA!!!" "Oh, is it!?" …"And even a Billion Dollars, why not?!" He is so relaxed on those cheesy questions again and again. Thank you Ice for those little treasures, again and again.

  • Words fail me! Talk about a wasted opportunity to ask some intelligent questions, not the same old crap!

  • What a great news item ,
    of course the backing track does sound ABBAesqu as does the
    Benny Anderson band which is all about the traditional roots and classical influences of the ABBA composition composer/songwriters.
    I agree without Freda and Agnetha its not ABBA.but the roots of the music are the same.
    I also have to say before this concert I agreed that ABBA should be remembered as they were and not get back together for a final concert.
    Now after seeing the energy of the Benny Anderson musicians playing for over two and a half hours
    I?m not so sure.
    I think they could pull it off.

  • This was not worth being late for work for !


  • I unfortunately missed hampstead heath gig, as a musician myself I had work to do. However, I have been a keen follower of Benny’s work. Yes, of course the new song sounds like ABBA, its written by the same two men, it very similar amd yes we will all make that conclusion. However, we should also praise it for the brilliant piece it is. The CD’s isn’t ABBA, its very different and won’t appeal to everyone, but it is excellent music. I hope to be at the 13th sept gig. Benny, thanks for the notes, and for all the ones ( in other bands ) we are playing !!

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