ABBA – The Albums available for just £15

I snapped one up as a Christmas present for a friend of mine that probably doesn’t even know it exists but will be delighted to have eight ABBA studio albums plus a disc of b-sides and rarities etc. all in one pretty cool package.

HMV – ABBA The Albums

3 Replies to “ABBA – The Albums available for just £15”

  1. A bit of a bargain, eh ?

    I wonder what the four former group members think – all those years of hard work, literally given away LOL !! (I think their royalties are unconnected with the sale price – so it’s the store that decides what it will make on the deal).

    Shouldn’t be missed though – I just got one for my brother….

  2. I think that a bargain box of all their albums is a good idea. The biggest fans have already bought all their albums (several times, as I have), but a cheap box is a good way to get the people, that only have compilations in their collections, to appreciate their work in full.

  3. In 2008, ‘The Albums’ Box Set sold 28,000
    copies, in the UK. It has sold about 15,000
    more – so far – in 2009. The lower price will
    ensure that it sells more copies here. It
    Peaked at No.89 – for 2 Weeks. However, only the
    Top 75 counts in the UK – for a Single or Album
    to be called a ‘Hit’.

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