Mamma Mia! – new ‘Special Edition’/’After Party edition’ 2-disc set

Amazon calls it ‘Special Edition’ and calls it the ‘After Party edition’. Both state a release date of 23 November, 2009. Many thanks to Graeme Quinn for the information.


  • Mamma Mia Sky documentary
  • 30 Rock episode ‘The Best Summer Of My Life’
  • Red Carpet feature
  • Photo gallery


Mamma Mia! Special Edition (2 Discs) [DVD] – Amazon (with image)
Mamma Mia! After Party edition (2 Discs) – (image coming soon)


5 Replies to “Mamma Mia! – new ‘Special Edition’/’After Party edition’ 2-disc set”

  1. Don’t forget the ‘Mamma Mia’ board game is coming out also as shown for sale in a leading UK supermarket chain and their winter catalogue for £19.99…ideal for those christmas and new year parties

  2. I love Mamma Mia the movie and the stage show and am so grateful that all the Abba songs were written.

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