Benny Andersson to help raise awareness of International Day of Climate Action

Twenty-five Swedish artists will go onstage one after another for a total of 350 minutes on October 24th 2009 at Södra Teatern, Stockholm. The appearances will alternate with minute-long short films with climate change and the individual as a common theme.

The evening will run from 17.00 – 23.00 and also be the starting point of the long-term project No More Lullabies (Time to wake up).

From The artists who have chosen to participate will appear at Södra Teatern as individuals – not activists – with a mutual wish that we all have to take the climate issue seriously.

Climate change, in one way or another will affect all of us. Yet we don’t speak openly about our feelings concerning out uncertain future. We all tend to handle the situation in different ways. Fighting spirit, angst, ignorance and denial are just a few of the states that we’re in.

No More Lullabies wants to open up for a more straightforward dialogue, man to man. Conversations about climate issues that goes beyond political rhetoric, defence mechanisms and vested interest. In the long run, this dialogue could make the global climate crisis become a subject that we choose to talk about more often in our daily lives and thereby inspires us to take action.

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