Kristina CD – Carnegie Hall recording

Three recordings were made of the show, one prior to the two performances in front of an audience. Benny will be in charge of producing the recordings and has been previously announced, the release will be issued on Universal Music’s Decca label.

Musical numbers as performed at Carnegie Hall:

Act One

  1. Overture
  2. Path of Leaves and Needles
  3. Where You Go I Go With You
  4. Stone Kingdom
  5. Down to the Sea
  6. A Bad Harvest
  7. No!
  8. He’s Our Pilot
  9. Never
  10. Golden Wheat Fields
  11. All Who Are Grieving
  12. We Open Up the Gateways
  13. Peasants at Sea
  14. Lice
  15. In the Dead of Darkness
  16. A Sunday in Battery Park
  17. Home
  18. American Man
  19. Dreams of Gold
  20. Summer Rose

Act Two

  1. Emperors and Kings
  2. Twilight Images Calling
  3. Queen of the Prairie
  4. Wild Grass
  5. Gold Can Turn To Sand
  6. Wildcat Money
  7. To the Sea
  8. Miracle of God
  9. Down to the Waterside
  10. Miscarriage
  11. You Have To Be There
  12. Here I Am Again
  13. With Child Again
  14. Rising from the Myth and Legend
  15. I’ll Be Waiting There
  16. Summer Rose


12 Replies to “Kristina CD – Carnegie Hall recording”

  1. Come on, was there ever any doubt that Benny (or Bjorn for that matter) would let someone else loose on these most precious recordings? Its a shame that we have to wait until the new year but at least we can all be patient in the knowledge that when they are eventually released they will be both perfect and true.

  2. Fantastic news – especially for those of us unable to go to NY.
    Thanks to everyone for all your stories, reviews, pictures and links. And welcome back Ice – Great to have you back!

  3. I can’t imagine for one second that the live audience recordings can be used. Even on the YouTube videos there are a couple of phones going off audibly in each song. This is a pet hate of mine – the height of rudeness. I wonder how long it will be before people are searched entering concerts and made to put phones in secure lockers. anyone whose phone rings should be escorted from the premises. Frankly!

  4. Not that I was there, Finnesse, but I don’t think that the faint, high-pitched sound in the background in those videos are cellphones. Except for the one in the video of "You have to be there". The sound is the same, and constant and in regular intervals. Most likely it is a sound made by the camera, internally.

    Though this is just a guess, but most likely.

  5. I only heard one phone going off on both nights (from the 3rd then 2nd rows). Hopefully the mics wouldn’t have picked it up.

  6. I couldn’t believe it when I heard a phone go off. If you go to a concert than you switch it off. I’m glad that they switched it of after the first time. Because some people even don’t do that. In Madrid we had a guy whose phone rang and he started a conversation. He even did this twice and didn’t care if people were irritated.

    Oh well the CD will be great, believe me the master himself is going to take care of it.
    And yes we don’t like to wait but hej aren’t we used to wait. so this halv year in the worst case is nothing. And Ice was great to see you.

  7. Don’t worry, even if it was a phone ringing with advanced programs such as wavelab, technicians can literally rub out any miscellaneous noises – I’ve seen it done. They can "clean up" even the most noisy recordings – a sound technician I know did a recording on board a ship (open air) and was able to remove wind and sea noises and a passing jet!

  8. I was surprised to hear what appeared to be a phone in the background but never noticed it when it was being filmed. Must be from within the recording device – an iPod nano btw.

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