Benny and Björn’s Kristina confirmed for 14 April, Royal Albert Hall

Wednesday 14 April is indeed the date. Tickets go on sale in January 2010.

The concert will feature the New York cast of principles. So, yes to Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson, Kevin Odekirk and Louise Pitre.

Gary Collins tells me that The Official ABBA Fan Club will also have the CD of the New York concert recording on sale at the Roosendaal event on Saturday 10 April 2010.

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  • Thank you Ice! Great news, I’m especially happy Helen Sjöholm is performing. Yay!

  • Great news……Glad it’s the full cast, especially Helen and a good way to promote the new cd.

  • Can’t wait for this – so exciting.

  • Great news!! Missed the concert in New York and now I can finally see it in my beloved London.
    What a pleasure it will be to finally see Kevin Odekirk live!

  • fantastic news! is it just the one concert or will there be 2 as in New York? I guess it depends on demands for tickets….

  • I hope everyone in London enjoys it as much as I did in New York. Kevin Odekirk really had some "star is born" moments during those concerts and Helen is beyond compare.

  • Can’t wait for this one, I missed New York too, I’m pleased the New York cast will be performing,
    Happy Days.

  • I have to be there :O))) what gorgeous after-christmas news! Now hopefully the ABBAWORLD will remain until April aswell so I can have a look at it in one London-trip! Wishes can come true :O)))))

  • What day are the tickets to be on sale- i booked my holiday in work a month ago to be able to see it

  • no sign of this on the RAH website as yet….

  • Delighted to read that Kristina is to be performed at the RAH and I am particularly looking forward to seeing Russell Watson and hearing his marvellous voice. I shall definitely be there on opening night.

  • Just after the ABBA Fan Club Day/Weekend in Roosendall…Mmmmm..a great ABBA week in April!! Excellent!!! 😉

  • fantastic news – can’t wait to see it as missed the american one through not being able to afford the flight over. Glad to wait and listen to it and the lyrics. CD will be an excellent introduction as well.

    Happy new year

  • WOW that is amazing news!!!!! I love that show!
    Could anyone tell me who will produce this show in London? I was part of the choir in ‘Chess in Concert’ at the Royal Albert Hall and I would do ANYTHING to be part of this show :-))))
    Finally this amazing show will come our way!!!!

    Happy New Year!!!!!

  • Yes on the fanclubday we will sell the cd, perfect timing.
    Come to the fanclubday, buy the Cd, go to London and hopefully get it sighned.

    Just like with the NY concerts the fanclub wil sell tickets for the concert, for members.
    So watch our site, and Ice here we meet again.

    And I’m so happy it is the cast from NY, Jippy this means Helen and Kevin ( my favourites)
    Kevin told on facebook that he looks forward to see the fans again.
    The ones who missed the NY concert Don’t let this ones slipping through your fingers.

    Best wishes for 2010.
    And Ice so deserved to have won the price for the best Website.

    love Anita

  • Just a note for those who go to the London performance. I would think that the principals will enter and exit the building via the underground car park, in which case you won’t see any of them, unless they choose to go to the Stage Door.

    Also, getting a taxi/bus after the show will be a nightmare (did that, got the t shirt!).

  • I have just rung the box office at the RAH and they say no contracts have been signed and nothing on the cards yet for 14th April- any news on when the tickets are due on sale.

  • All the principals are in place and are ready to grace the stage of the RAH. Kevin Odekirk has announced it on his Facebook page, the Official ABBA Fan Club has also confirmed the date (direct from ABBA HQ) and so unless something goes horribly wrong, I think at this stage you can assume (as I am) that it is going ahead. Although, time really is marching on…


  • I have just rung the Royal Albert Hall box office, and tickets go on sale on 21st January!

  • I’m still waiting for it to be announced officially that Russell Watson will be part of the cast, as he is performing in Dublin the following evening and that could be a bit of a rush, even for him.

  • Do we know for definate if Russell Watson is going to be in it ? I rang the RAH and was told they know nothing about it going on sale!! I must have spoken to a different person!

  • Box office has just confirmed to me there will be 2 concerts – 14th and 15th but couldn’t give me an on-sale time!

  • Thanks, Ice, for keeping us as up-to-date as possible, and to Mark for that last comment. In respect of Russell, then, it seems he is to be in two places at once, or one or other performance must be in doubt. How long can one hold one’s breath in anticipation?

  • Hi Everyone! I have just this minute spoken on the telephone to Jenny at Shalit Global, who looks after Russell Watson personally, and she has told me that YES Russell Watson will be in Kristina at the RAH on 14th April! That is very kind of her!

  • This is getting ridiculous!! Russell has a concert in Dublin on the 15th, for which I already have tickets and travel arrangements made, so he can’t do both!!

    Have emailed his management and had no response, there’s nothing on his website and I’ve seen nothing in the press.

    You’d think someone could make some sort of official statement to clear this up. The RAH are less than helpful when you ring them too.


  • Russell Watson’s Website has just posted confirmation of his appearance at the RAH on 14th April and Dublin on the 15th, so if there are two performances of Kristina he won’t be in one on the 15th.

  • This has just appeared on Russell’s website:

    Russell will be taking to the stage at The Royal Albert Hall as Karl Oskar in the hit musical Kristina.

    KRISTINA is the inspiring story of one woman and her family?s struggles in Sweden and their subsequent emigration to America in search of a better life. With stirring music by Benny Andersson and lyrics by Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA fame, this moving musical production has won awards, critical acclaim and is the most popular theatre piece in Swedish history.

    Tickets go on sale Thursday 21st January.

  • So Yes to RAH on 14th April and YES to Dublin on 15th April, as on Russell’s website. Hope that clears everything up for everyone.

  • I have managed to book two front row seats in the Stalls section G by the stage on the left hand side!On the RAH website it says it is only for one night.

  • I got my tickets earlier today. It took a few attempts to even get the royal albert hall website to load so I’m guessing that means demand is high

  • Enjoyed this very much. Had perfect view from front row of stalls right by the stage. To my surprise, I met Benny and Bjorn before the show and got both their autographs. They were very friendly.

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