Benny Andersson takes delivery of a new musical instrument

Benny takes delivery of his nyckelharpa

Benny takes delivery of his nyckelharpa (Photo: Peo Österholm)

The nyckelharpa is a traditional Swedish instrument that has been played, in one form or another, for more than 600 years.

Benny said that he was a big fan of the sound of the instrument and that learning to play something new is good for the mind. Sören Åhker, the master craftsman who made Benny’s instrument said that Benny’s eyes twinled like a child’s on Christmas Eve when he took delivery.

Perhaps we should look out for it to be credited on a new BAO album?!

5 Replies to “Benny Andersson takes delivery of a new musical instrument”

  1. Thanks for that great link Erik !

    It sure is a beautiful sounding instrument and I can just imagine it being put to very good use at a BAO concert or on a studio recording !

  2. Hope to hear this on BAB’s next cd…any idea if it’ll be in English and when they are recording again..?

  3. For the benefit of people searching for this article who can’t remember the word "nyckelharpa":

    keyed fiddle, keyfiddle, key harp, hurdy gurdy, bow, drone

  4. Wow, great news :O) have seen this thin in Musikmuseet in Stockholm. Does anybody know if BAO will play at Skansen/Stockholm again this summer???? That would be sooo fantastic! Cheers and a happy new year with lots of lovely ABBA events

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