Benny Anderssons Orkester nominated for Swedish Grammy

The full list of nominess in this category are: Arvingarna, Benny Andersson Band, CC & Lee, Drifters, Jannez, Larz-Kristerz, Lasse Stefanz, Scotts and Sten & Stanley.

Full list of nominees

4 Replies to “Benny Anderssons Orkester nominated for Swedish Grammy”

  1. 2009 was indeed a grrrrrreat BAO year! But they have quite a lot of competitors this time. Hope they win anyway!! Hope the Swedes are still as enthusiastic about BAO as their foreign fans are.

  2. BAO is very popular in Sweden especially in the summer when they tour and get people to dance again the way people used to – the traditional dances. It wouldn´t surprise me if they win they have won many prizes.

  3. Fantastic news – "Story of a Heart" is a brilliant album, we play it all the time!
    Is there another album in pipeline?

    So hope they do another Hampstead Heath concert, we will definatley be there!!

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