7 Replies to “Björn in new radio interview over two parts”

  1. I really enjoyed listening to both these interviews from Benny and Bjorn. It was interesting how similar both their answers were to the same questions.


  2. Great interviews ! It’s amazing how sane they both are (which cannot be said about some so-called ‘fans’ ) and how much they enjoy what they do. Respect !!

  3. I always have the feeling I am listening to a promo talk when bjorn is interviewed.
    But not this time, I actually enjoyed this interview very much, due to the great interviewer. He sounds very relaxed and proud of his achievements.
    Tnx for posting this!

  4. I wasn’t sure where to post this, but Russell Watson also gave an interview to CelebrityRadio and spoke quite a lot about Kristina. You can find the link on the main CelebrityRadio.co.uk page (the Kristina talk starts at about 10:20).

    It’s a very nice interview, nothing really new but Russell comes across as really passionate about the project. He speaks about his feelings during the final song, how he would love to be part of a possible West End production and he even describes Helen as the best female singer he’s ever sung with! 😀

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