Appeals against the Slussen redevelopment rejected

Objecting to Slussen redevelopment

As icethesite followers will know, Stockholm’s city council are planning to redevelop an area of Stockholm called Sluseen and Benny Andersson vehemently opposes the proposal.

So incensed was Benny about the changes to his home town that he ordered officials at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport to remove a huge poster of ABBA that greeted arriving international visitors to the city. His rationale being that he no longer wanted to be seen as a representative of the city if the city couldn’t sense over the proposed Slussen redevelopment.

In all, 205 appeals against the proposed redevelopment of Stockholm’s Slussen disctrict were received as part of the appeals process but only 45 were deemed admissable. The rest were judged to be from parties who do not live in or near the Slussen area.

The 45 appeals that were received have all been rejected.

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  1. This reminds me of The Pretenders’ song “My City Was Gone” and its line of the city being sold “by a government that had no pride”

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