ABBA poster at Arlanda airport replaced by Loreen

Out with ABBA, in with Loreen

A poster of Loreen, this year’s Eurovision winner from Sweden, will replace one of ABBA at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport welcoming visitors to Sweden’s capital.

The ABBA poster was removed at the insistence of Benny Andersson after Stockholm’s City Council approved a planning request that he disagreed with. He commented: “I do not want to be an advertisement for a city that can’t see reason.”

He rallied friends and supporters ahead of a vote by the city council in order to help try and ensure redevelopment plans for the Slussen area of Stockholm were overturned. The opposition movement supported by Benny was defeated by 51 votes to 48 in December 2011.

Loreen romped to victory in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan. The winning song Euphoria has gone on to be a sizeable hit in much of Europe.

According to Swedavia’s Communications Manager Jan Lindqvist, internet searches on trips to Sweden increased by 50 percent after the country won the song contest.

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6 Replies to “ABBA poster at Arlanda airport replaced by Loreen”

  1. Visit Sweden many times a year. Will miss the ABBA poster at Arlanda. Put it back please…………..

  2. I love ABBA and they have their recognition around the world which is great! Now Loreen is up there at Arlanda Airport and there is nothing we can do about it.

    Yesterday Loreen performed at Crownprincess Victoria´s birthday.
    She is such a talent and she so much deserves to also get her recognition!

    Please check this great performance:

  3. Engelbert Humperdinck should have won Eurovision this year.
    Loreen was just OK,
    She is no replacement for ABBA.

  4. I think Benny’s decision, regardless of the politics of the whole Slussen affair was a sad day for ABBA fans and for Arlanda. I absolutely loved seeing that poster when I went to Sweden and felt such pride as it was the first part of my ABBA experience at the start of my trip. Such a shame other fans won’t have this experience and I wish Benny would reconsider.

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