Benny receives an honorary doctorate

Benny Andersson honoured by Lulea University of Technology - Foto: Scanpix

Benny Andersson honoured by Lulea University of Technology – Foto: Scanpix

Benny Andersson has been appointed an honorary doctor at Luleå University of Technology.

“With his musical works, he is of world class standard. For more than half a century he has developed a unique artistry that crosses many boundaries when it comes to music, art, acting and performing, which agrees well with the philosophical faculty profile,” writes the University of the former ABBA member in a press release.

In October, Benny Andersson and friends from BAO inaugurate the University’s new super organ at the Acusticum in Piteå with a newly composed piece.

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2 Comments on "Benny receives an honorary doctorate"

  • Great! So well deserved!

    In 2007 Benny Andersson was elected a member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Music, and in 2008 he received an Honorary Doctorate from the Stockholm University Faculty of Humanities for contributing importantly both to the preservation and the growth of the Swedish folk music tradition.

  • Congratulations Benny!

    All of Abba have excelled at all the music they have done. They bring so much pleasure to so many around the world; they deserve full recognition for their wonderful music.

    Benny’s work is at full masterpiece level, ranking amongst the classics and brings pop music up to the highest levels and it is so good it’s unsurpassable. Real genius used in the best way possible that brings so much pleasure into people’s lives, as I know it does mine, always.

    Jon (from England)

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