Benny and Björn record Eurovision anthem

A view from the mixing desk courtesy of @rmvstudio as 'We Write the Story' comes to life at Benny's Riksmixningsverket studio
A view from the mixing desk courtesy of @rmvstudio as ‘We Write the Story’ comes to life

It has been 39 years since ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton, with Waterloo, but this week Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus were busy recording another song for the contest in Benny’s Stockholm studio, Rixmixningsverket.

We Write the Story, written by Benny and Björn in collaboration with DJ Avicii, is an anthem created especially for the 2013 Eurovision Final in Malmö on 18 May.

In a recent BBC interview, Björn described the song as “a unique, contemporary, majestic piece, which will be performed by a large choir as well as all the song contest participants.”

However, during the session, vocal recordings were laid down by a group of just twelve artists. The six male and six female singers were chosen by Thérèse Löf (who has appeared in the musical Mamma Mia!) after a demo recording last December.

“I have worked with Benny before, so he asked if I could pull together a team for this,” Thérèse told Swedish newspaper Expressen.

Speaking after the recording session, Thérèse said of the song: “It sounds fantastic. It has all the hallmarks of both Benny’s music and Bjorn’s lyrics. It is a little folk music-goes-pop!”.

“In my personal opinion, I think that it is a bit more ABBA, compared to Benny’s compositions for his band, Benny Anderssons Orkester. It seems to lean more towards music that a Eurovision audience will feel at home with,” Thérèse added.

Benny with Marica Lindé
Benny with Marica Lindé

Among the dozen artists selected to participate in the studio recording are most notably, Micke Grahn from the talent show Fame Factory and Marica Lindé, who works as a freelance singer and has toured much of the United States with ABBA cover-bands performing as Anni-Frid Lyngstad.

Marica said of her participation in the project: “It’s been great, there is a lot of positive energy and it feels like an honour to be involved with this recording.”

She said that it was hard to describe the new song:  “It is grand, palatial, folk music mixed with vintage pop and a little ABBA.” But agreed with Thérèse when she said, “It sounds great – and you can hear straight away that it is Björn and Benny who wrote it.”

After the vocals are completed, Benny will add the instrumental arrangements to the recordings and if all goes to plan the whole song should be finished within the week.

A DVD set of the song competition, featuring the semi-finals on 14 and 16 May, the final on 18 May, backstage footage and interviews will be made available in June.

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4 Replies to “Benny and Björn record Eurovision anthem”

  1. Looking forward to hearing this. An “abba-like” song. On Eurovision night. In Sweden. When someone has a new album out that they seem to be going to actually promote…I wonder if the chorus on the night will include a certain 2 female singers. I could but dream. (Still, have put £20 on it!) ;0)

  2. Uhmmm “abba-like”???
    That is quite a broad category..
    Do you refer to folky “He is your Brother”, “SOS”‘s classical-meets-pop arrangements, or some other variety?
    Some time ago I stumbled upon a purely instrumental version of “The Visitors” track on Youtube, Someone was able to subtract the main voices and keep the original music untouched. And that was a revelation listening, clearly showing that this 1981’s piece of music stands very high upon comparisons with most any electronic, EDM-fusion up to this date.

    What this track will sound like? remains quite an open question. Of course, the Avicii remixes will be more predictable.

  3. Watching the Eurovision song contest this evening I thought the anthem was very good, and even though it was sung by a choir I thought I could hear a very ABBAesc intonation,
    As for the voting, funny how the UK votes for what it thinks are the best songs and gives its 12 points to a different country every year, where as other countries including Sweden always give there 12 points to there neighbours regardless of the song.
    I Liked the winning song , but I thought Holland should have won.

  4. Thérèse Löf also used to a member of ONE MORE TIME, the group formed by Benny’s son Peter Grönval .

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