New appeal against Björn’s Slottsholmen plans gets rejected

Slottsholmen - a unique and beautiful location in Västervik
Björn has plans to redevelop Slottsholmen – a unique and beautiful location in Västervik

Västerviks Tidningen which has been following the Slottsholmen redevelopment plans closely has reported that the latest appeal against them has been rejected.

VT has previously written about how two individuals appealed the detailed plans drawn up by Björn Ulvaeus to allow a new construction on Slottsholmen.

The County Administrative Board dismissed the appeals on the grounds that the two who appealed live more than 50 metres from the area. Now the Land and Environment Court has issued a similar rejection based on the same principle.

VT telephoned one of the complainants, for comment. He questions if anyone at all can appeal, considering that no one lives within 50 metres of the islet but says he will appeal again.

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