Benny Andersson interview – trailer

Benny Andersson at Mono Music, December 2013
Benny Andersson at Mono Music, December 2013

I was lucky enough to catch up with Benny in person last week in Stockholm to record an interview for the site. I was also able to gently twist his arm to play a short excerpt of “something unexpected” on the piano, which you can hear on the trailer!

The interview will be in two parts, one looking ahead to 2014 which will hopefully be published just before Christmas. And a look back at 2013 which will be available in the new year.


  • Looking forward!

  • Of all the songs he’s ever written he chose to play that one. You must have twisted his arm very, very “gently”. Certainly unexpected.

  • It looks to me a small part of ‘Suzy hang around’

  • Just wonderful. Thank you Ice and thank you Benny. One of my dearest wishes would be to have an album of Benny playing on the piano – Kristina, Chess, ABBA, Josefin, Gemini, BAO!, Hep Stars … anything at all! Next time you see him, maybe ask him if he’d do a concert – just him on the piano?!

  • thankyou 🙂

  • i wander what Benny is trying to tell us?

  • Great footage; I’m looking forward to the interview. I wish I’d been there with you:-)

  • Just in case Benny gets ‘the blame’ for playing Suzy-Hang-Around, let me just say that it wasn’t his choice. It was mine. I thought it would be a bit of fun and something quite unexpected.

    And if emails I am getting to the website are any indication of what some people are thinking, let me also state that Suzy-Hang-Around is NOT a secret code for an ABBA reunion in 2014!!

  • How nice to hear Bennys take on this old song: his ‘anslag’ (what’s that in english again?) is with a certain ‘touch’ of a more trained hand 🙂

    Like your glasses, Benny 🙂

  • Yes he has new glasses! Ha! 🙂

  • I always thought the song “Suzy Hang-a-round” never got the attention it deserved. Glad he spotlighted it here.

  • maybe maybe we will have to wait and see what mr, Andersson will tell us in part 2 i hope it will be what I want for the 40th anniversary of Waterloo

  • Exciting!

    Loved ABBA live , channel five on Friday .

  • A piano-only album would of course be truly great, but more likely is a new BAO album late in the year. To be recorded early in 2015 for a subsequent tour ?

  • I’m just yearning to see ABBA reform just one last time on the 40th anniversary of their victory song ‘Waterloo’ at Eurovision, Brighton, perhaps at the ABBA Museum in Stockholm, Sweden. Please Benny n Bjorn don’t say ‘no’. I don’t care if you’r in your 60s. I just want to see you come together to perform at least 15 of your favorite ABBA songs. Hope its not too much to ask

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