A third new ABBA song in 2019?

Benny Andersson has been chatting to us about the fun that ABBA had recording the two new songs I Still Have Faith In You and Don’t Shut Me Down for the avatars project and also exclusively revealed that a third song is a very real possibility…if Agnetha and Frida say so!

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9 Comments on "A third new ABBA song in 2019?"

  • Kolin Richmond Hughes said: God bless Benny Bjorn Anna and Frida…. While they are still in the world we have some hope and sence of happier times…. Miss ABBA so much

  • Clarence said: So nice that the ABBA story is gonna have a happier ending than what it was, with them taking a permanent break. The first ten years album should have been called the only ten years. Glad they are having fun and recording again now Thank you for the NEW music. The new show needs to come to Upper Michigan. Saw the ’79 show in Milwaukee, we love them so please come closer.

  • David Poulton: I’m glad they are still here on the earth I grew up with there music have every lp and single bless them for the music 1972 – 1982.

  • Luciano Vidal Lyra Pereira: We are almost in the end of 2018, and the new ABBA songs still won’t realised! When it will be happen?
    Anyway, happy Xmas and happy New year, from Brazil!

  • William Hanna said: Would be great and feel they could do an album – release just like that , I am the city , record slowly – some Gemini’s – another you, another me and of course record – story of a heart – songs allbthets backing tracks al there just throw on originslsvor get girls to sing through them – be a great album

  • Edward said: Looking forward to the new songs. Love anything Benny does and Abba too!

  • Scott Ruby said: I am thrilled that the four members of the group have decided to collaborate again. I recall there last three albums coming out when I was in high school, so their music was just as relevant to me then as it still is now. I know that many have asked if they feel it will be ”as good as their prior work”. If one listens closely to their prior music, you know they were (and I suspect still are) perfectionists. No one can beat that wall of sound, and tight vocal harmonies. Their new music in my opinion (which I realize is only my opinion) should not be bound to be compared to what they had done before. They are having a good time, I know that the music will sound fantastic as it always has, but it has to be remembered that they have lived through more phases of life, musicians evolve, and what they produce should stand on its own merits. Last to recall, many thought that The Visitors was too ahead of its time, and was too different from what they had done before but look at how people think of that music now? They love it, and so do I. Allow them the elbow room to change. Then they can produce songs like Like An Angel Passing Through My Room or The Day Before You Came. What is great , and important is that THEY ARE HAVING FUN RECORDING AGAIN!
    Fan from USA,

  • Amanda: Great! Any dates scheduled for the US?

  • When will they release these tracks? The world needs some ABBA right now!

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