Albert Hall CHESS tickets on sale

Tickets for CHESS in London on the 13th May 2008 have gone on sale.

As far as I know, still look out for May 12th to come online too at some point

To hopefully make up for not being able to react quickly to the ticket sale announcement, I will just take this opportunity to reveal who is being approached to play Florence…

Idina Menzel, best known for her roles in the original Rent and Wicked productions is firmly in the producers’ sights and will be a major coup for the show if they can get her.

Idine Menzel

Hugh Wooldridge to direct CHESS at the Royal Albert Hall

"…he is currently preparing two major-fund-raising events for the Caron Keating Foundation, a comedy spectacular at the London Palladium and a concert performance of CHESS at the Royal Albert Hall."

Hugh Wooldridge – Work In Progress

Josh Groban to play Anatoly in CHESS concert

JoshGrobanACollectionFrom the archive: Details very scarce for now, but many thanks to Susan for providing the following information.  Josh Groban let slip in a US radio interview with Whoopi Goldberg, (when talking about the Actors’ Fund CHESS performance in New York) that another CHESS concert is planned.

This time it’s hoped it will be in London’s Royal Albert Hall in 2008 and again Josh is lined up to play Anatoly.