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Gold Can Turn To Sand played on BBC Radio 2

Unfortunately though, she credited the song to Russell Watson!

You can hear the song at 41 mins, 40 secs for the next 6 days by listening to Elaine on Sunday via the BBC iPlayer.

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Kristina at Carnegie Hall CD tracklist

 Disc: 1
  1. Overture
  2. Path Of Leaves And Needles
  3. Where You Go I Go With You
  4. Stone Kingdom
  5. Down To The Sea
  6. A Bad Harvest
  7. No!
  8. He’s Our Pilot
  9. Never
  10.  Golden Wheat Fields
  11.  All Who Are Grieving
  12.  We Open Up The Gateways
  13.  Peasants At Sea
  14.  Lice
  15.  In The Dead Of Darkness
  16.  A Sunday In Battery Park
  17.  Home
  18.  American Man
  19.  Dreams Of Gold
  20.  Summer Rose
Disc: 2
  1. Emperors And Kings
  2. Twilight Images Calling
  3. Queen Of The Prairie
  4. Wild Grass
  5. Gold Can Turn To Sand
  6. Wildcat Money
  7. To The Sea
  8. Miracle Of God
  9. Down To The Waterside
  10.  Miscarriage
  11.  You Have To Be There
  12.  Here I Am Again
  13.  With Child Again
  14.  Rising From Myth And Legend
  15.  I’ll Be Waiting There