Berwaldhallen Benny Tribute Set List

Sveriges Radios Symfoniorkester (conducted by Anders Berglund)

  • Anders Glenmark
  • Fred Johanson
  • Josefin Nilsson
  • Helena Jonason
  • Maria Magdalena Motettkör

Part 1

  • Ouvertyr
  • Ljuva sextital, Hej Clown, En Karusell, Hej Gamle Man
  • Vår Sista Dans – Helena
  • Efter Regnet – Helena and Fred
  • Födelsedagsvals till Mona
  • The Film I’d Like To See (in Swedish) – Josefin
  • Merano
  • One Night in Bangkok – Anders
  • Mountain Duet – Anders and Helena
  • Anthem – Fred

Part 2

  • Ouvertyr – selections from Kristina från Duvemåla (not in the programme)
  • Klinga mina klockor
  • The Conducator – Fred
  • When I Watch You in Your Sleep – Josefin
  • Var hör vi hemma
  • Guldet Blev till Sand – Anders
  • Du måste finnas – Helena
  • Älska mig – Josefin
  • Det är vi andå

The encore (on the 6pm Friday concert) was a medley: The Winner Takes It All, Dancing Queen and Thank You For The Music

Many thanks to Steve for the information.

Hugh Wooldridge to direct CHESS at the Royal Albert Hall

"…he is currently preparing two major-fund-raising events for the Caron Keating Foundation, a comedy spectacular at the London Palladium and a concert performance of CHESS at the Royal Albert Hall."

Hugh Wooldridge – Work In Progress

BAO with Tommy Körberg at Skansen

Photo by Hanna Eklöf

Benny leads rehearsals at Skansen

Whole programme in which you’ll find Bonde söker fru at 3 mins, 35 secs into the show and Fait accomplit at 45  mins, 10 secs. 

Extra half hour not broadcast on TV (includes BAO performing Cadillac at 0 mins, 18 secs and a different take of Bonde söker fru immediately after).

Josh Groban to play Anatoly in CHESS concert

JoshGrobanACollectionFrom the archive: Details very scarce for now, but many thanks to Susan for providing the following information.  Josh Groban let slip in a US radio interview with Whoopi Goldberg, (when talking about the Actors’ Fund CHESS performance in New York) that another CHESS concert is planned.

This time it’s hoped it will be in London’s Royal Albert Hall in 2008 and again Josh is lined up to play Anatoly.

ABBA – The Album – Deluxe Edition to be released

ABBA The Album Deluxe EditionOctober 2007 is the projected release date for the Deluxe Edition of ABBA – The Album, originally released 30 years ago, in 1977.

In line with last year’s Deluxe Edition of Arrival, ABBA – The Album will be extended with six bonus tracks and a DVD of rare and previously unreleased performances and news reports.

The illustrated booklet features an extensive essay on the making of the album. Watch this space for more information and previews later in the year.

Track list:

Disc 01: CD

  1. Eagle
  2. Take A Chance On Me
  3. One Man, One Woman
  4. The Name Of The Game
  5. Move On
  6. Hole In Your Soul “The Girl With The Golden Hair”  – 3 scenes from a mini-musical
  7. Thank You For The Music
  8. I Wonder (Departure)
  9. I’m A Marionette

Bonus tracks

  1. Eagle (Single Edit)
  2. Take A Chance On Me (Live Version; Alternate Mix)
  3. Thank You For The Music (Doris Day Version)
  4. Al Andar (Spanish Version of Move On)
  5. I Wonder (Departure) (Live Version)
  6. Gracias Por La Música (Spanish Version of Thank You For The Music)

Disc 02: DVD

  1. Eagle/Thank You For The Music (Star Parade, ZDF)
  2. Take A Chance On Me (Am Laufenden Band, Radio Bremen)
  3. The Name Of The Game (ABBA Special, TBS)
  4. Thank You For The Music (Mike Yarwood’s Christmas Show, BBC)
  5. Take A Chance On Me (Star Parade, ZDF)
  6. ABBA on tour in 1977 (Rapport, SVT)
  7. Recording ABBA – The Album (Gomorron Sverige, SVT)
  8. ABBA in London, February 1978 (Blue Peter, BBC)
  9. ABBA in America, May 1978 (Rapport, SVT)
  10. ABBA – The Album Television Commercial I (UK)
  11. ABBA – The Album Television Commercial II (AUSTRALIA)
  12. International Sleeve Gallery

Carl-Johan Seth lodges Kristina appeal

The Stockholm district court ruled March 23 that Seth’s script was not used when the musical Kristina from Duvemala premiered in 1995.

The musical was about Swedes who emigrated to the United States in the 1800s, and was based on a series of books by writer Vilhelm Moberg.

The court further ruled that the former ABBA duo did not have to pay royalties to Seth. In his appeal, Seth maintained that he has right to credits and future royalty payments.

With a planned launch on Broadway a good run there could generate sizeable earnings. Previous efforts to solve the matter out of court have failed.

Seth was contracted in 1991 but Andersson and Ulvaeus said in early 1995 the script was not good enough and had to reworked, hiring director Lars Rudfolfsson and dramaturgist Jan Mark to do that.

The court said Mark and Rudolfsson wrote the version used on stage.

Seth has received some 5 million kronor (700,000 dollars) from productions in Sweden. In 2005, Ulvaeus told a hearing that the payments to Seth were made to get peace and quiet around the musical.

The musical has been translated into English and has the title Kristina.

After ABBA stopped recording and touring, Andersson and Ulvaeus continued to collaborate. They composed the popular musical Chess and have recently scored success with the musical Mamma Mia.

Björn and Benny win Kristina case

The court decided that although Seth wrote a manuscript entitled Kristina från Duvemåla, it is not his manuscript that has been used in the musical of that name.  The manuscript used in the musical has been written by Lars Rudolfsson and Jan Mark.  According to the court, the two manuscripts are so unlike each other, that they can’t be said to be similar for copyright purposes.

Carl-Johan Seth has no copyright claim for Kristina från Duvemåla. Therefore Benny & Björn are not obliged to pay him any royalties.

Staffen Michelson, Carl-Johan Seth’s attorney said that his client was naturally deeply disappointed with the court’s decision and plans to appeal.

Andersson and Ulvaeus claimed that Seth’s original Kristina manuscript was not good enough and although they hired him originally, he was replaced by Lars Rudolfsson (the show’s director) and Jan Mark who wrote a new script.  Seth claimed that his work still featured in the show when it ran in Sweden.

The decision by the court means that the show will now have the opportunity to chase success in America.  Benny Andersson has said that had Björn and he lost the case, the theatrical production would never be performed again and only concert versions would be allowed.

Until any appeals have been lodged, the future of the show is not 100% confirmed but today’s decision is a huge step in the right direction.

Dagens Nyheter

The Local’s Kristina court case report

Abba stars Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus have won a court case surrounding the authorship of their musical ‘Kristina från Duvemåla’. Friday’s verdict is the latest development in a 15-year dispute with dramatist Carl-Johan Seth. Stockholm District Court ruled that while Seth had written a script called ‘Kristina från Duvemåla’, it was not this script that was eventually used for the musical, known in English simply as ‘Kristina’. Andersson and Ulvaeus have claimed that Seth’s original script was so bad that they called in other writers to start again from scratch.

The court agreed with Andersson and Ulvaeus that the final script was written by director Lars Rudolfsson and dramatist Jan Mark. As such, Seth has no claims to the copyright and the Abba pair are not obliged to pay him any royalties.

It was previously revealed in court documents that Seth received a payment of 5 million kronor, which Andersson and Ulvaeus say they paid simply to guarantee peace and quiet. Seth worked with Andersson and Ulvaeus for several years at the beginning of the 1990s. His job was to create an outline story for the musical. A number of Seth’s previous colleagues testified under oath that his script was unusable and that Rudolfsson and Mark penned the version that was used in the musical.

But Seth argued that their involvement was just a standard revision of his script, pointing out that the former Abba members signed an agreement with him confirming that he was the author shortly before the premiere. Seth was named as scriptwriter in the programme for the world premiere in Malmö in 1995, but has since then not been acknowledged in any publicity for the musical.

After a quick look at the verdict, Carl-Johan Seth’s lawyer, Staffan Michelson, immediately indicated that his client would appeal. "The district court has made an extraordinarily peculiar interpretation that the parties agreed on something other than the musical that premiered eight days later," he said.

Had the verdict gone against them, Andersson and Ulvaeus explained that the musical would never again be performed on stage. The case came to a head as the Abba pair developed plans to launch a Broadway version of the musical. Earnings from a US version could be affected by the outcome of the current case. ‘Kristina’ tells the story of a poverty-stricken Swedish family and their migration to American in the nineteenth century.

The musical received a rapturous reception in Sweden, and was seen by over a million people, compared with 847,000 who saw the the Swedish version of the Abba stars’ international success ‘Mamma Mia’.

The Local