Trial verdict to be announced on 23rd March

Björn and Benny have stated that if they lose the case (heard from the 6th to 8th February, 2007) that they will immediately appeal and that if they lose any subsequent appeal that they will never stage Kristina again. Instead, it may be performed in concert version only.

The court’s verdict will be announced on the 23rd March, 2007.

A summary of important points and ‘who said what’ at the trial (sourced from the Swedish press) will appear on icethesite in the next few days.

The reports on the Kristina Trial

Swedish dramatist Carl-Johan Seth claims that he wrote a script that forms the basis of the play, which is known in English simply as Kristina. Andersson and Ulvaeus claim that Seth’s original script was so bad that they called in other writers to start again from scratch.

Seth was named as scriptwriter in the programme for the world premiere in Malmö in 1995, but has since then not been acknowledged in any publicity for the musical. The Abba stars’ case may be hampered by the fact that they signed an agreement with Seth, confirming that he was the author, one month before the premiere .

It was also revealed in court documents that Seth received a payment of 5 million kronor, which Andersson and Ulvaeus say they paid simply to guarantee peace and quiet.

The case has come to a head as the Abba pair develop plans to launch a Broadway version of the musical. Earnings from a US version could be affected by the outcome of the current case.

" Nothing is decided yet, but it would be nice to have all the paperwork in order before we start talking with other parties," said Andersson.

The case continues at Stockholm District Court on Wednesday.

Kristina tells the story of a poverty-stricken Swedish family and their migration to American in the nineteenth century. The musical received a rapturous reception in Sweden, and was seen by over a million people, compared with 847,000 who saw the the Swedish version of the Abba stars’ international success Mamma Mia.

The Local

Frida draws her own raffle ticket!

Former ABBA singer Anni-Frid Lyngstad was left embarrassed at a London charity auction last Thursday (14 Sept. 06) when she drew her own winning raffle ticket.

The Waterloo star was at an event in aid of the Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust alongside stars including Deep Purple rocker Ian Paice.

However, when she selected her own ticket the kind-hearted star immediately tore it up. An onlooker says, "She was rather shocked but she thought it was funny and made a joke about it.

"However, she graciously said she could never accept the prize and tore up her ticket and drew another one so someone else could win. It was a lovely gesture."

Frida at the 2006 Sunflower Jam event in London Frida at the 2006 Sunflower Jam event in London (2)

Many thanks to Colin Collier for the amazing pictures. 

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