Not long until Globen!

Anyway, as it transpired, it was much better watching it on a big telly in a Swedish pub in London with some good friends (some of which I didn’t know I had until that night) and lots of alcohol!

Benny Anderssons Orkester at Globen is a different proposition altogether. And if you love BAO as much as I do, then in the classic but sadly seldom heard words of Björn Ulvaeus and Herbert Kretzmer "You have to be there".

The last BAO gig I saw was back in 2005 at Stockholm’s Skansen. Due to other things going on, I didn’t get to see BAO in 2006.  Whilst I had a few ‘loyal spies’ at the Rival Hotel in May of that year, for the launch of BAO på turné and Florence’s Feel, I really felt like I missed out by not going to Stockholm or indeed Minnesota.

There was no Swedish summer tour last year and I’d hoped that it was because Benny and Björn would be spending so much time in New York getting Kristina ready that they wouldn’t have time for anything else.  Unfortunately, I was wrong!

In January this year, we learned of the fantastic news that Helen Sjöholm was pregnant, with her first child due in the summer.  Therefore, there would be no summer tour for BAO in 2007 either. (Very convenient for Benny to get some work done with the old ABBA backing gang, Meryl et al on the Mamma Mia! movie soundtrack though!)

So, right now, after all the waiting, I’m more than ready for a slice of BAO and to have all my questions answered at last….

  • What will Globen look like when turned into a ‘dance palace’ with thousands of middle-aged Swedes whirling like dervishes?
  • How will the new classics from ‘3’ (that not many people will have had the chance to hear before the show) go down live?
  • Will Tommy remember the words to all the old songs (nevermind the new ones!)?
  • Will I be able to see anything from where I’m sitting?
  • Where am I sitting? (I’m picking my ticket up on the night)
  • Will there be a programme?
  • Will BAO perform Crush On You? (the track written during Benny’s ABBA years)
  • Will I get another chance to marvel once again at Jörgen Stenberg on the xylophone during Jehu? And most importantly of course….
  • Will Helen find a baby-sitter for Ruben????

So many questions I’m looking forward to finding answers to and a massive show that I can’t wait to experience.

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