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Anyone looking for any high definition extras is going to be disappointed as they are taken straight from the standard release.

I’m pretty sure that the main feature itself in glorious high definition video and audio will keep me more than satisfied – and presumably will get rid of that horrible switching between layers during Why Did It Have To Be Me on the "ordinary" DVD.

Here’s how the products are introduced on the official site:

November 2007 ABBA – The Movie to be released in HD-DVD and Blu-ray formats ABBA’s famous movie, depicting their 1977 tour of Australia, will soon be available in the digital formats of the future.

Back in 2005, when ABBA – The Movie was first prepared for a DVD release, the movie was scanned in the superior format of HD-DVD. The actual DVD released that year was in "ordinary" DVD quality, but it was thought that there should be an HD-DVD master prepared for a future release. That time has now arrived.

On November 26, an HD-DVD version of ABBA – The Movie will be issued (catalogue number: Polar 06025 174 712-4).

This release is followed by a Blu-ray version on December 12 (catalogue number: Polar 06025 174 712-3).


Full length movie fully restored with remastered and uncompressed surround sound, and fantastic extras including:

  • Interview with Lasse Hallstrom (the director) and ABBA’s Björn and Benny, filmed in 2005
  • Tour souvenir programme gallery
  • Memorabilia gallery ABBA –The Movie
  • Original trailer ABBA – The Album,
  • TV ad -two versions
  • Release dates may vary from territory to territory.

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