CHESS In Concert gets its own website

It seems as if the organisers (??) of CHESS In Concert at the Royal Albert Hall in May, 2008 have decided to spend as little money as possible on a website for the event.

I’ve seen amateur CHESS productions up and down the UK create better websites to advertise their shows.

That reproduction black squares on a white background logo is just poor, poor, poor (see below) and nothing like the real deal. And who has ever seen the CHESS font bolded like it is on this new website?  Is no-one looking after the CHESS brand?


And whatever happened to us all being kept informed and up to date about CHESS by filling in the form below on the ‘official’ CHESS website?


I’ve certainly never heard a peep from them.  If you have, please let me know!  At least the logo is correct, I suppose.

Chess In Concert

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