ABBA Museum floorplan revealed


  • Thanks for the news Ice 🙂

    Great to see that there will be different rooms for different years! I’d like to go to each room in chronological order (more or less) – I hope that will be possible without too much stair-climbing and descending, otherwise I am bound to arrive at 1982 before 1974 !!



  • Nice one, Gary!

    I’m anticipating visiting the museum with my other half.

    Being that we usually make our way around museums at a vastly different pace, I can anticipate saying "I’ll meet you back in 1975."

    "I’ll be the one humming S.O.S., wearing flares and carrying both a copy of Look-in magazine and a letter to Jimmy Saville!"

  • Cool – see you there!

    I very much hope there will be some feature on various countries’ picture-sleeve singles – us Brits were very much starved of those when compared with mainland Europe, and I love to see all the different versions. I wouldn’t mind looking at a whole roomful, with walls covered from ceiling to floor…



  • It does appear from the diagram that there is a roughly chronological flow to the arrangement of rooms, with a couple of floor changes with lifts and escalators. The 1975-78 room looks huge! Which is good, cause it really is the "best" ABBA period.

    I’m really looking forward to the Museum. It sounds like the opening week celebrations will be a blast! I’ll be there, but not in flares 😉

  • And very pleased to see that there is a room for Stikkan !

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