CHESS Concerts to be recorded for TV, DVD and Radio?

From the UK Sponsorship Database (10 January 2008):

Organisers of 21st anniversary performances of Sir Tim’s Chess make opening moves to get sponsors on board

Sir Tim Rice revives his timeless musical classic Chess, with an exclusive two night performance on 12th and 13th May at the Royal Albert Hall, in celebration of its twenty-first anniversary.

Celebrity artistes set to headline include US singing sensation Josh Groban and Broadway star Idina Menzel, famed for her part as the green girl in Wicked.

This combined stellar cast, along with further renowned performers to be confirmed soon, will ensure this performance is one of the most impactful in 2008.

Target audience:

Chess is tipped to be a double sell out concert, with an audience of 1,100 per night from all demographics ranging from musical lovers and regular RAH goers to US tourists.

Sponsorship options:

Chess is seeking sponsorship for both anniversary concerts. There are various different package options available, each category providing outstanding and varying degrees of visibility and positioning for the sponsor(s). The organisers will not restrict sponsors to the available benefits within the packages. Rather, they would welcome the opportunity to discuss investment within each package and work with the sponsor and agree to provide flexible and tangible benefits which work for the sponsor’s organisation and brand.

The package categories available are:
  1. Platinum – £100K;
  2. Gold – £75K;
  3. Silver – £50K;
  4. Bronze – £25K.
Key tangible benefits within these packages include:
  1. strong brand visibility through full colour page advertisements in the souvenir programme (special positions such as Inside Front Cover can be negotiated depending on investment);
  2. the sponsor’s corporate logo on the Front Cover;
  3. branding on all advertising, postering, ticketing, automatic presence in all PR and media opportunities;
  4. branding in visual material in the atrium of the Royal Albert Hall;
  5. free premium seats for the concert, worth an average of £65.00 (the number of complementary tickets depends on the investment package selected);
  6. invitations to the launch and post-show party;
  7. framed posters autographed by the performers.
Other major benefits for the sponsor’s brand:

All the above sponsorship opportunities would provide tangible benefits for the sponsor’s brand by enabling the following:

  • engaging a 1,100 strong audience of largely ABC1 demographics per night (total 2,200);
  • brand visibility amongst high net worth individuals, proven to be brand conscious;
  • brand synergies with stellar artistes – Sir Tim Rice, ABBA, Josh Groban and Idina Menzel;
  • brand synergy with one of the world’s leading venues, the Royal Albert Hall;
  • involvement in the anniversary celebration of a cult musical classic;
  • presence in the official souvenir programme with a significant shelf life, providing constant visibility of the sponsor’s brand;
  • the potential opportunity for branding to feature in the DVD and further broadcast in radio and TV.

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  • Interpreting the clause as a lawyer, I would say that it does indeed envisage a DVD release and TV/radio exposure. The use of the definite article "the DVD" as opposed to "a DVD" or "any DVD" would, in my mind, create an expectation on the part of a sponsor that there will be a DVD release upon which they would have the potential for branding.

  • And *that* Stephen, is what we wanted to read!
    Thanks mate.

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