Idina Menzel asked about London CHESS

You will be playing the part of Florence in Chess in Concert, (in London with Josh Groban, Adam Pascal and Kerry Ellis), is that right?

Yes. I’m very excited about that. First of all to get back to London and see my friends. And to be on stage with Josh is very exciting for me and he’s a really terrific guy. I’m excited that the music is beautiful and it’s going to be a challenge because you only have a couple of days to rehearse and then you’re up there running. But I think it’ll be a lot of fun.

How familiar with the show are you (or were you before being offered the part)?

I had heard a lot of it in the past, I remember when I used to take classes at NYU, a lot of people used to sing from Chess, but that’s really all I have, experience wise…I never got to see it. So I was doing a lot of research and seeing what I find on YouTube. I kind of get my feet wet with it and do some homework. But it’s really hard because this week is so busy. But give myself a couple weeks, get the album out and then I’ll sit home and do my homework.

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