The beta version of icethesite is up and running!

So, what do you think?

It’ll take a while before all of the old articles have been migrated over to the new site but the last month’s or so are now uploaded.

It should be easier than ever to find all the news you’ve come to expect from icethesite – check out the new RSS feed and subscribe today (more on that in the coming week).

Now we really need your feedback!

Broken links? Things not working as they should? Lost stuff? Can’t see images? RSS feed not working? Hate the new design? Love the new design? Please let us know! (We’re expecting a few emails as there are still a fair few pages to be added yet!)

I’ve had a lot of assistance from my friend and colleague, web developer Huw Millington, whom I’d like to thank publicly for all the sterling work he’s been doing over the past few weeks. Now we’re very keen to hear your thoughts.

Once again, apologies for having to take the old site down whilst we migrated over to this new beta version of the website but now it should be a matter of getting up to speed again with all the news and listening hard to what you have to say.

All the best,



  • Looking good!

  • Great site – great improvement – well done Ice!

  • The new site looks great – the colours are really peaceful.



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