TV clip of Kristina från Duvemåla rehearsals in Malmö

An enterprising soul has uploaded a pristine looking Kristina-related clip to YouTube and then incorporated it into a web page, where they give a bit of background as well as an apology for it not having English subtitles. They have provided some English text to accompany the clip though, to give English speakers a sense of what Benny and Björn are talking about.

The news article is from Danish TV’s TV-AVISEN (TV-News) with footage taken in or around the week leading up to the Kristina från Duvemåla Malmö première on the 7th October, 1995.

Kristina från Duvemåla rehearsals – Malmö


  • Thanks for commenting, Stefan. Great to read your views. However, I think that before the show can be fully staged, there is the none too small issue of who wrote the story to settle first.

    The last thing we heard about this (back in April of 2007) was that Carl-Johan Seth was going to appeal against a Stockholm court’s verdict that declared that he didn’t have rights as an author of the piece.

    Any pending appeal regarding the musical’s story would affect future stagings as well as any video recordings that may or may not be of broadcast standard.

    Benny has clearly stated that if he and Björn were to lose their case against Carl-Johan, the show would only be staged in concert form in the future.

  • I wonder whether a successful ‘Chess in Concert’ in London on May might just result in any ‘Kristina’ plans being quietly shelved, with the emphasis firmly back on the former? Once the ‘Mamma Mia!’ film is launched and promoted… Just a thought.


  • Ice you are soo mean to disclose this youtube link 🙂 Watching this video ripped my heart out of my chest! It was so emotional for me to see those scenes of Kristina again and reminded me of how the "best musical show ever" looked like in its origin!
    I still cannot believe that no one wants to produce this show just because it’s not "fashionable" at the moment. Those producers should bear in mind that at the time "Mamma Mia" hit the stage, this kind of show wasn’t "Fashionable" at all! And many producers turned down "Cats" as well..!Seeing this video leaves me in deep desperation, really! BUT I believe this report is also an evidence for the rumour that a complete dress rehearsal has been recorded! The snippets weren’t just the highlights of the score so now I’m convinced that a complete recording does exist! Come on, release it from the vaults whoever owns a recording…!!

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