Benny on Swedish TV talking Mamma Mia! movie (Updated)

You’ll see Benny in the studio sharing with the presenter snippets of gossip, music and video from the forthcoming film.  Thanks go to Ian for the news and Kristina for the translation…

The most important quotes:

Presenter: The greatest musical success in the last years is without a doubt Mamma Mia! A movie has been made and the premiere will be in the summer. Right now, Benny Andersson is adding the final touches/final mixes to the music. He’s never before worked in such a big production and we’re really impressed, especially by Meryl Streep during her quick visit to Stockholm.

Benny: This whole project has been tremendously fun, because I got to learn new things that I knew nothing about.

[shows clips from the movie]

Benny:  It’s a simple story that doesn’t try to be anything more than that, it’s there just to carry the lyrics. But what happens when there’s these people involved, Stellan, Pierce, Colin and Meryl, is that it gets some kind of…I don’t know what it is, but it gets very real.

[plays Meryl singing]

Benny: That’s one take. She’s a miracle.

Presenter: What do you think about musicals?

Benny: There are very few musicals that I think are good. I think “Kristina från Duvemåla” is a good musical, but speaking of movie musicals, then “Sound of Music” is the one and only. I’ve seen it fifteen times. I’m going to watch it now and analyse how they solve it, technically, going in and out of the singing and such.

[presenter says something about how it can seem unnatural to burst into song]

Benny:  What you shouldn’t do is sing something that has already been said, or will be said in the next scene. That’s a pretty common mistake.  Our goal is not to make the music as good as it can be, because it already has been. It already exists and therefore I’m not scared to handle it somewhat disrespectfully.

Benny: Stellan Skarsgård had a fantastic audition. [miming a phone to his ear]

– Hi, it’s Benny Andersson – can you sing?

People tell me I can.

– Can you sing for example “We can go walking, we can go dancing…” He did, and I said well, no problem then. And he came to the audition and sang again, and it was no trouble. He doesn’t think he can sing though. – Kobra

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