Benny sets the record straight over Kristina settlement

After yesterday’s statement by Carl-Johan Seth’s lawyer Staffan Michelson, it was difficult to work out just who had really come out better publicly from the settlement regarding the authorship of Kristina från Duvemåla.

No details of the agreement were publicised but it appeared from the statement that Michelson made that his client’s reputation as a respected dramatist was completely restored. I, for one, even thought that Carl-Johan Seth’s name might appear in the credits for any future outings for the musical. However, that is not the case.

Benny, fully aware of how the settlement might have been perceived, has been made to feel angry by the lawyer’s choice of words and has been forced to announce in a statement to Swedish news agency TT, that future productions of the musical will recognise authorship of the book was solely down to Lars Rudolfsson and Jan Mark.

Benny has gone as far as to state that the settlement could never have been reached if Seth was still recognised as an author and that Michelson’s spin on the situation was completely wrong.

The BBC are running a story giving the true picture, without Seth’s lawyer’s quote and with Benny’s confirmation of Rudolfsson and Mark’s status as authors.

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  • Hey! I hope nobody confuses me with that lawyer guy! Please be advised that I am Stephaan the ABBA fan, and NOT Staffan Michelson, the lawyer dude that misconstrues statements that make it appear as though his client has won out over ABBA in court, as that is not the case!! Jeeeeezzzz,what kind of way is that to spell Stephaan anyway??? lol

  • Benny obviously felt compelled to add this extra statement after initially saying nothing at all, and it’s obviously an important issue – who will be credited as authors on ‘Kristina’ going forward. Michelson was obviously trying to make more of the settlement (which was, I presume, mainly financial) in the way that a lawyer would whose client had already lost the case once in court, like Carl-Johan Seth already had.

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