It’s a sellout!


  • Ice said:-

    “Sorry, there are no tickets available for this performance” for both nights. Fantastic!’

    Only if you have already got your ticket LOL !

    Good to have a sellout though – no empty seats !

  • This is SUCH good news – I only wish I could be there!

    I saw the West End production 25 times during the year I lived in London – and it never failed to excite me.

    CHESS is simply my favourite . . .

    I can only hope that this concert version will tour – any rumours?

    Please . . .

  • Andrew, I would say that the prospects for a tour or an extended run of the concert version of CHESS would be quite good if these performances go well – I doubt whether anyone will commit to any plans before then though. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, but the demand for tickets is a good sign which will do the chances no harm….

  • Andrew/Gary, Part of the reason that the Royal Albert Hall concerts have sold so well must be down to the choice of cast (which has put a lot of bums on seats!). This cast is highly unlikely to be available for an extended run or tour.

    The only two things that have actually been mentioned in connection with successful London concerts are a prospective concert on a similar scale in Carnegie Hall, New York and/or a return to London or Broadway for CHESS in theatrical form.

  • I think you’re right Icey, this cast isn’t going to go on tour – they all have careers to be going on with, not least of all Josh, Idina and Kerry – and whilst they might really relish the opportunity to perform with a huge orchestra and massive choir at the Royal Albert Hall, I can’t really see the event dictating that they’ll want to commit to CHESS in Concert in a more substantial way than a couple of UK concerts and maybe a couple in the States. However, if the DVD (and I agree with Stephen about the strong likelihood that it WILL be recorded according to the wording of the sponsorship article) goes ahead, I can see much more of an association being forged in the public’s mind between Idina and ‘Florence’ and Adam and ‘Freddie’. Josh, though has a separate career outside of theater that I can’t see him wanting to jettison (however much he loves CHESS). Thanks for your awesome site – B&B (and Tim) must be thrilled with people like you that provide timely, balanced and intelligent reporting. Cheers from California.

  • I believe that a new overture has been written for the Albert Hall Chess concerts?Also do we know if there will be any ballet ,lke there was in the 2003 benefit concert in New York.I thought the ballet was very good played on the chess board infact one of the highlights of the show.Adam Pascals "Pity the Child" being the absolute highlight!

  • As well as a new overture being hinted at, this is all I’ve seen so far to give us an indication of things to come…"The Royal Albert Hall is presenting two breathtaking performances of a new and distinctive version of Chess in Concert." This piece of text appears in the invitation to corporate clients. It also appears on the website of Keith Prowse. For confirmation and details of their corporate packages, see:

  • Thanks Ice for the information.I do hope that Benny and Bjorn will be in London.I for one would like to stand up at the Albert Hall and thank them for the pleasure they have given me ,my wife,children and grandchildren over the years.WE will all be there on the 13th.I know Tim Rice is intoducing the concert,BUT B+B would be special!

  • I found tickets at for anyone who is interested

  • Thanks Stevie G.

    It’s actually and at first glance I couldn’t see any English language instructions but could be worth someone perservering if they really want tickets. You could also try ebay of course!

  • I know for a fact that a good majority of the audience for both performances of Chess are Josh Groban fans from around the world. If there is going to be a dvd available, I feel confident that it will snapped up in no time at all by all those Grobanites who weren’t able to make the trip to London. Better make sure that there is a plentiful supply… you’ve been forewarned!!!

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