New Mamma Mia! movie poster preview

Mamma Mia! movie - Poster No. 2

Poster #2 features Amanda Seyfried as Sophie.

It’s not the clearest of reproductions but is definitely a different take on the movie than the first official poster shot portrayed – but no doubt the audience for this one will be a different one.

I’m not a huge movie buff but even I know that there are often many official movie posters and images released to publicise films worldwide.

Different demographics, different regions and different publicity mediums all seem to get targeted in the end. What looks great on a t-shirt might look terrible as a keychain image – so I’m certain we can look out for much more publicity material coming our way between now and July. And a few more poster designs too!

This latest Universal Pictures publicity poster is, as Ian Cole points out in his blog, much more reminiscent of the original stage show poster…. and who can say that that didn’t make its mark on the world’s theatre-going (as well as the wider) culture?

Thanks to Ian Cole. You can read Ian’s view on the poster on his blog.
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  • Yes, good poster – Amanda seems very photogenic and I am sure she will turn out to be a good choice as Sophie – though, I am not personally excited by the prospect of the film.

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