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There’s no doubt that if you’re using Internet Explorer 7 (or even 6), then you’re far better off than if you’ve arrived here using Firefox. Something that I need to rectify and soon.

Generally feedback has been really positive (apart from the Firefox experience) and people are even starting to comment more freely, which is nice to see. Generally, site statistics are down on the period before the revamp – mostly due to Google not liking the site’s page names (to be sorted out shortly) and also because many of the pages have been moved or combined with others and/or deleted.

Still, that’s what a beta phase is all about – ironing out all the issues – and better that I’ve had somewhere to pass on the latest news to you than nowhere at all, which is what would have happened if I’d kept the site down whilst everything was made perfect.

New competition

Soon, there’ll be an exciting new icethesite competition announced with a poster signed by Benny up for grabs – just get those writing skills honed is all I can say about it right now!

My thanks go to all those people who provide feedback, comments, new stories, information and translations that make this site tick. I couldn’t do it without you.

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  • Wow, Ice! Not sure if you’ve heard, but the public beta for Internet Explorer 8 came out last night — I’m using it right now and I’m happy to say that the site looks just as nice as it does in IE7! No compatibility problems that I can see.

  • Oops, apparently it was in compatibility mode, even though it didn’t say it was. So yes, the IE8 beta is out, and either you or Huw will want to take a look at how this site is performing. A few issues with this comment form and the right sidebar, but that’s really all. Again, kudos on a great site.

  • i use firefox and its fine!

  • Jonathan – yes, I downloaded the IE8 beta and its standards support does mean that it renders very much like Firefox – which means I need to address those issues!

    s – Glad it’s looking okay for you. My aim (before taking the site out of beta status) is to get it looking the same or as good as the same in all browsers. Watch this space!

    Thanks for your comments.

  • Ice

    I often visit the site using my mobile and look to see what date the last update was. A suggestion to make it easier to navigate the site would be to enable the user to click on last update to see what has been updated.

    Just a thought.

    Great site and thanks for all the news and info. I’m now on a countdown to the Mamma Mia premiere!


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