Colin Firth can sing. Or can he?

“Yes, I sing, if you can call it that, although I’d never sung an ABBA song.  They didn’t audition me.  I thought, ‘They’re being reckless here. What do they think they’re doing?’  I had to sing and dance.  They didn’t ask Patrick Swayze, John Travolta or Kevin Bacon, people who’ve had a record of being able to do all those things.  They cast me, Pierce Brosnan and Stellan Skarsgaard without asking any of us if we could sing. So I figured they didn’t care if we couldn’t.”

Stellan Skarsgaard, Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan

Stellan Skarsgaard, Colin Firth & Pierce Brosnan

Firth’s song is Our Last Summer.  “It was a question of finding a voice for that particular song,” he says.  “It’s higher-pitched than my speaking voice, but it seemed to work for that song.  Benny (Andersson) and Björn (Ulvaeus), who produced it, seemed to be very pleased.  But the work isn’t finished yet.  I have to do ADR (additional dialogue recording), which does involve singing, so maybe they’ll say they don’t like it and we’ll have to do it differently.” 

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  • Does it really matter anyway? This musical sucks! Blech!

  • Joyce Kuijpers-Tangel: Well I thought the song Colin is singing in Mamma Mia is wonderful. It’s to bad he didn’t sing more. I hope to hear him sing more in the future.

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